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Time for our best bet segment here on out of the gate. Criminal cousy is going to try to beat the morning line favorite. The five hundred thousand dollar. New York stallion series at Equinox. My best bet this week is captain bombastic in the New York Stallion series stakes that act with deduct on Saturday. It's being run as the threes at seven furlongs Two year olds and has a really big PERSO- five hundred thousand dollars so therefore it through a fool field of fourteen and our time for us pace project or fully expects it to be a hot piece in here based on just feel ties alone. That is likely but when I look look through the PP's or plenty of early speed in here including a horse I think is going to be Suspect favourite and dream bigger. He's won his last two on or near the Ledin fast pace racist go and six furlongs now stretches out that extra furlong. So I'm going with captain bombastic as I said he is a horse with the best time for M- US US Late pace rating and here. He is also. He's undefeated in two starts. He's one at six and a half furlongs. He wanted a mile ass time very game and victory holding off Cleon Jones through the stretch when it looked like he was probably going to be beaten. But I think he's really GONNA pay set up in here. I think he's really going to turn back so to again. Cop Captain Bombastic for me. My best bet was a couple of weeks ago too but is it was raised was rained off the turf. So he's going to turn up down at Gulfstream Park. I'm going to race number. Five number five blockade goes out for showing mcgahey and ridden by Jose Ortiz. The source was a very promising young horse for for Shug started started off his career. Improving race by race broke his maiden at Gulfstream Park. Very early as three year old and then went to the sidelines and didn't turn up for over six hundred days And that was in this race right here at act in November. I thought all in all this was a pretty promising return off such a long laugh because if nothing else it showed that this horse can still run a little bit overall. He said a pretty Nice trip. Or you're going to see them in behind horses for most of the way and now he's trying to race on at the end of this race but he just can't get fully clear. I like the way that it keeps kicking chicken on the end though. I think this this was a very promising return to the racist for a horse who might still have some upside Yeti ships down to Gulfstream Park a favourite in this race goes for Chad Brown. It's a horse that I I do. Not Like I'm going to try. And beat him with blockade if he sticks around with Morning Line my best bets Laurel race number three number five. Call Me Jelly. Roll making the first star of the Claudio Gonzales. Louis claimed in solace is dynamite off the claim this is a really hard hitting phillies. One third for eighteen lifetime starts last time out at Laurel. She was inbetween horses. Battling the lead we pick up the replay. She's now down on the inside. She's still battling it out for the lead and she's going to take them all the way down to the wire she put away myriad pace the challengers and a good trip. Closer is going to run her down very late. I thought this was a promising effort for. Call Me Jelly Roll. Who now draws a comfortable? The outside position in the Saturday third ray Saturday third race at Laurel and can stalk she can go to the lead. She likes to win races not true a price. We're going to get nine to five on the morning line. Thinks she's fared around nine to five or to one. That's called me Jelly roll race number three number five at Laurel on Saturday. We thank you for watching out of the gate and we urge urge you to follow all of TV's offerings these following social media on twitter at DRI video and for the latest news and notes. America's Turf Authority daily racing form please. He's follow on twitter at D. R. F. Inside Post. That's it for this week. Best of luck when your worst break out of the gate.

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Laurel, Gulfstream Park, Captain Bombastic discussed on Daily Racing Form

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