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Message and I mean only said. That's why the Lucasville. The struggling struggling with the League and strange isn't it of course a around the capital race fittler is very excited about the final this year. Find out why MARCECA's article over on the website. The big game. No doubt about it bruce. You're watching Gladbach taking on Borussia Dortmund. It would take just eight minutes. So that visitors taint the leader's own about talk and thought it looked like up. The opportunity does brilliantly with ten. It's a lovely finish. All we'll take some away from goal He's got three three months defensive party chasing after them one quick tone and shoves it in the Balkan call five minutes into the second half of the equalizer lost from close range pull the bulls just thrown into by post is fully vodka. Crosses six yard box not even on target and Stendhal hanging around their show home through the legs of Holland has obviously going to get his second of the game but from really from Yemen Sauna. You don't want the head the head of the company any better can't Laura's into the ground to keep absolutely phenomenal however some would be be in seven minutes later. Thanks say teaming. Ki tells us good his second ones that don't keep greatness smother but could you pay gujral eleven minutes to go jaden sanctuary. Looking to seal the three points the night though by the woodwork. Done for the short. Don't call us. We'll just unfortunately sector the woodwork. Wouldn't matter though Bruce you don't with an impressive win away from home just taking a look at how the effects that standings in the Bundesliga there now is just one point of by Munich at the top of the table next suffer Doorman Champions League no pound stage match against PS G. Remember finish to one Dortmund in the first leg despite that Filopino. She was a volunteer favorites to advance to the next stage Joe's PS gene knockout stages champions e no product. And why even bother rematch? Yeah I mean that's what they do in their sleep. You know qualifying games like this then fine..

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