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Guidance in this way they said E pluribus own its primary, Dan Virginia, an extra attention being focused on two primaries for Commonwealth attorneys after a flood of donations into Fairfax and Arlington county races by billionaire, George Soros of political action committee funded by Soros has made large contributions to progressive candidates to try to unseat current democrat. Prosecutors Commonwealth curious race in, in Arlington and Fairfax were George sources pumped in a half million dollars. Former virginia. Congressman Tom Davis has because any party can vote in the Virginia primary Republicans can impact the local races. In Arlington voting for Ray Morrogh in Fairfax to stop by the service, back candidates are wwl and wwl dot com. He's not running for president. But it doesn't mean Larry Hogan's done mixing, it up with the administration HOGAN to send a letter to Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin urging him to push ahead with plans to put abolitionist in Maryland native Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar Bill Mnuchin recently told congress. The primary reason we've looked at redesigning. The currency is for counterfeiting issues based upon this. The twenty dollar Bill will now not come out till twenty Twenty-eight HOGAN says Tubman has earned her rightful place among our nation's most pivotal leaders just last week. Hogan wrote the president urging him to avoid imposing tariffs on Mexico and depends a trade agreement. John issues on wwl, and wwl dot com are learning more about the pilot of a helicopter who died in a crash of chopper onto a New York City, high rise, East Clinton. New York fire chief, Don esta says that Tim McCormack was not. Just a pilot, but a volunteer firefighter, who was chief of the department for ten years. Ten we'll be exceptionally missed by his department members not only for his leadership. But it's wonderful sets of humor. Recipes brother. Meanwhile in New York, congresswoman calling on the Federal Aviation Administration to ban not essential helicopter flights over Manhattan following that crash Representative Carol Carolyn Maloney is going to hold the agency accountable for what happened. She says, Oregon may join California and a handful of states, that don't suspend driver's licenses for unpaid non-criminal traffic tickets suspending driver's licenses because of unpaid. Traffic tickets is unfair to low-income drivers say, supporters of house Bill twenty six fourteen working its way through the Oregon, legislature supporters also say it isn't about public safety because it does not affect criminal acts like d you is. Now opponents say suspending license suspensions will make it harder to collect fines, but supporters counter that offenders could set up payment plans or be sent to collections. Correspondent Jim Rupe? Checking your money this hour. The Dow down forty five points, the s&p five hundred down six the NASDAQ down seventeen WMA. L traffic and weather next..

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