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More about you or your content check out your own channels and always excellent delinked beck and this has helped me to get a lot a lot a lot of use. My hacker brain just goes well. I guess you could always go get a v._p._n. Go create a a youtube account in russia. Just clone your own account over and over and over again in every country by switching different i._p. Address using a v._p._n. Absolutely you're probably going on on this. You would need to leverage our rec abuse on all these channels because i'm the beginning. That's the rabbit hole again. You start out with nothing like the most. I think the most difficult thing is to get the first thousand subscribers and then that's reason when you use other channels like that have assisting families like let's say like five ten twenty thousand subscribers and you basically directly introduced your video to their audience. You can have a directly a lot of data appoints and other abuse and then youtube starts to rank your video passer antigen in man. I don't know if you wanna start learning russian the portuguese and making sure i guess you could hire people over there but higher that portion of but that's that's really interesting. I've never heard anybody say but it makes perfect sense and i know i've seen it when i traveled other countries you see kind of like a different youtube logo with spain will have like e._s. I think it says yea like oh wow. This is completely different. It looks the same but i was thinking oh. They're duplicate like video issue but maybe not if if you said you know they're kind of had their own ecosystem so i guess why not i am a list of links for example. My video still way got over fifty million views in general on several channels combined just on my channel. It got fifty million views but i have like a one in russia. I think three million by naral the tide channel a six million than i have the same video on vietnamese channel and of course probably some channels. I don't even know because my video went viral and i don't like just like some people sending the links. When are they discovered and so his wife on i'll be a son that and then i started to contact but it's like i don't exchange a problem you became concepts with your video is the content. Is all music doc or is there speaking as well like i haven't makes like i let my most popular are just my own music like thing guitar stuff as solo mistake but i do have some tutorials as well where i teach this kind of <hes> style and of course the kind of promote my <unk> academy as well and yes yeah so it's kind of a makes. The reason i'm asking is because you know youtube now actually transcribes the videos in the background right so when you upload a video where you're speaking they tried we transcribe it using automation as best as they can and i'm almost wondering if the strategy you just talked about works well because your music as opposed to <hes> speaking like the videos that are probably getting shared a lot and other countries or more music videos versus speaking videos because you can't transcribe the speaking being in the background right like they can't transcribe you speaking so there couldn't duplicate content penalty because there's no there's no speaking for view tube to compare. Does that make sense that makes sense. I'm just quite sure if it's just a bald night the <hes> the patients the translation or if it's like i'm like for example <hes> zam something worse that had just analyzed the audio file who would be the same music and spoken content because it's just like the patterns patterns all the wave the wave of more of the audio that makes sense yeah. I guess they could be checking it that way to the youtube are smart scientists over over there. We can't work with them. That is cool man. No that's fascinating. Thanks for being so open with like everything you do. They're on the youtube what's era. What's your plan with youtube..

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