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Will Race Thursdays through Sundays We have a special holiday card. I'm on Memorial Day. And so it's it's been shortened at the moment from. Its you know typical thirty eight days spring. Meet to twenty six days But we're really really looking looking forward to getting back up and running starting on Saturday now. Everybody's looking forward to it and the variety and a turf and you know just Some fresh faces Morris's that should be ready and fresh and up so we're looking forward to it and also there in a in a with each of these press notices that have gone out and the communications the you know the prospects for the revised. Derby points schedule a ten four to one for the upcoming Matt Win. And we're hoping this anthony to derby gets To run first weekend in June How you know how much further along as the planning or are you just continuing to watch and wait based on everybody coming online When they come online well my break some news for you. How do you like that? You like breaking news. It's this Vicki. Steve Beck exclusive We're we're going to be putting out a news release of regarding to the road to the Kentucky Derby and the road to the Kentucky Oaks later today Dow.

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