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About being a major league baseball players specifically Yankee. It's the right time in the right place to take that step. Santa Promise. See, this is a very you know, a historic signing. Our fan base is going to realize that this is a very thoughtful, genuine, competitive, physically talented person and he is going to fit really long about Chris. Obviously is the manager When I hear we're gonna be in play for arguably the game's best pitcher. That's exciting, right? I mean, let's be real about it that that gets your juices flowing Santa Give me this dream. I had a second opportunity to chase it on. It's the best organization, in my opinion in the league starting pitcher, of course, incredibly talented but makeup off the charts. Very intelligent, very tough, impeccable work ethic and 29 years old. You put all those together and you know you got you got something that could make a big difference for Santa. This was something that I think we really connected on. Brian came in and said, Man, we haven't won a championship for 10 years and really hungry and I said, Well, I got eight outs away, and I'm just as hungry as you are. So I think this is gonna be a good marriage. We've taken a step up here and you know we're not better than we were before You got one of the top bases in the game on your rotation now and you're gonna have it for again a lot of years. This is more than just about 2020 but that is our expectation every year as you know, and way certainly restart Santa. Gimme my stocking this. This's a big day for our franchise. Stuckey, This is first time on Garrett Cole. Of course, these.

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