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Phone real quick this is the next morning in that how are you doing what can I help you with I'm doing well thank you I've got a real basic gardening question you know we had that trees not too long ago and so I've got lantana Lee lantana frozen small items in my garden that froze and I just want to know should I come back now or should I let it be and tell you know March you can safely cut it back now if you would like it shouldn't start new growth and if you don't like the looks of it it would be safe to do so a beautiful day you want to get it out of the way go right ahead however if you leave it you will not do any more damage to the plant you're not going to hurt it saying he is just not going to look great and if you want to wait till then that's also fine no harm in doing that so if you want to simply say work around your time schedule that'll be fine okay thank you very much yes ma'am and thank you for the call now I'm gonna throw curve here the net still listening there's nothing wrong with cutting back stuff that froze already but you're not going to encourage plant look better start growing or anything like that all that stuff that's frozen especially in things like lantana and Esperanza's and Amalia and all those kind of plans top pros the crown stays in the ground back it'll be a little longer and in the spring it's going to come back up but there is one trade off here many of the beneficial insects butterflies moths all those kind of things that we want to the garden need a home during the winter and they will for winter in some of this frozen dead material so what kind of back I'm removing habitat for things that I want around in my landscape you don't like the looks of it fully get it not a problem could cut it back but if you leave it you provide an environment that may lead to a better next year for you with less issues because you will have more the beneficial insects available you might have more butterflies in your garden next year totally up to you no harm to be done if you want to go out there and clean up I get it I don't like the looks of some of the dead stuff too there's no harm in leaving it and it may actually be beneficial so those of you who are getting prodded to go out there and clean up the yard now you have an excuse folks.