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Oh yeah so just that was just one of the things were it took me a little bit of getting used to oddly enough the person in the film so for allison janney crushes it absolutely crushes it because she is amazing and everything she does yeah as tonya harding's motto she has the bus line delivery of any movie i've seen so far this year and when i mean line delivery i mean stating of one line reading like she spoke at one it i don't mean like her perform but um his group performance we'll talk about that but but she has i studied laugh because watching it at home mmhmm which we were fortunate enough to do yeah um there was that there's the scene it's it's five seconds long who it's in the middle of the movie came allison janney character she place tonya harding's mother in a just irascible awful human being of a performance rate much there is a moment though where she has been out of the movie for a little while and so the movie is is edited extremely well well and a lot because the mood he hasn't city still it jumps around a lot in the end i think some of that is the hyper kinetic nature of of not only tonya harding in but the stories but the story yes so many pieces to it just getting to the olympics that you you need to get an idea of who she is e county just get this like runthrough of everything and so there's a lot editing going on in the movie like is just jumping around doing lots of different things and then it stops and it's shot from a back and allison janney is sitting on a couch without oxygen um and if you've been a bird owner had ordered owner shoulder and she poorest a drink and she again has not been in the movie for awhile um and i can't say what she says because you would have to recode this for i tunes and all of your the podcast right places but she.

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