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The invidia a. i. Podcast i'm your host noah kravitz. Today were staying inside the house so to speak and speaking with one of invidia researches senior research scientists about some ongoing work that she and her colleagues are doing see fay lu is a senior research scientist at invidia and she's here to talk about Some research that has been presented several places. It's out in the wild. One of the places was it. In europe's last year and the project is called online adaptation for consistent mesh reconstruction in the wild. It involves two d and three d. And of course a and i'm gonna stop there because see phase here and she obviously knows a lot more about the work than i do so see fay lu welcome thank you so much for taking the time to join the invidia air pike and so Upfront mentioned that. You're one of several Co-authors on the slide. That i'm looking at so we'll make sure you get a chance to credit. Everybody involved but for now we're asking you to talk about the project. What is online adaptation for consistent mesh reconstruction in the wild. Yeah so i think this is a like watery ongoing challenges for three d. reconstruction for example. Imagine that you have a animal. Your pets like cats and.

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