A new story from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


Thank God we have this insight source. How else would we have? No more I I don't get it. We all know this stuff already these revelations this is like a spy coming out of Russia like you didn't hear it from from me but Russia is very big. I should go. I've said enough so look the truth is if you WANNA learn and something new about trump. This book is probably not going to do it for you but one person who might actually have revelations about trump is John Bolton former national security adviser and permanent got milk ad. He claims to have unique insider information relevant to the impeachment probe. But he's not telling Congress about it he might be saving for his upcoming book an attorney for former National Security Advisor John Volna revealed on Friday. That voting was personally involved in many of the events meetings and conversations at the center of the impeachment probe as well as many relevant meetings and conversations that have not yet been discussed publicly Bolton had been scheduled to testify as part of the impeachment probe last Thursday but he did not appear Bolton has a new book deal with Simon and Schuster and according according to reports that deal is worth about two million dollars. Oh I see so Bolton might spill the beans on impeachable offenses by the president but not only for two million dollars S. He's truly the hero. American deserves. Imagine if someone like that called nine one one just like hello. Police does a killer on the loose. Okay Sir where is he then. Mommy Twenty Bucks and I'll tell you.

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