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But we we did kind of get to the bottom of a of the West Walker thing. I said that he went a lot of money at the track. He was overpaid at the track. Is what it was to the tune of about about fifteen grand and so he was running around throwing c-notes to people and then they wanted their money back. That was the situation with wells west swap while I was close Then I talked about Freddie Belinda cough. I always knew he was a wide receiver coach because he was a hall of Famer and Joe On twitter under whose from Erie. PA said that that's the only one he knew because he's from his hometown. And I remember Freddie Belinda Cough San. He had a lot of interesting quotes like one time they asked him about what it was like to be Super Bowl. MVP and he said. I'd like to say it was better than sex. But it's not that's just the way Freddie was. This was a partier great hands best route runner in NFL history. Show me a guy who could run a better route. Otherwise that's size that speed. Why would he be in the NFL at that size and that speed if he can get open he always got open? But I remember he said they they ask them about Erie Pennsylvania and he said now play what life was like an eerie. If I came home drunk or if I came home late the first thing I did when I opened the door was dock. Because I knew my dad would have a board and he'd be swinging to hit me in the head with it and I'm like Damn Damn and I've been to Erie. PA Joe. I drove through there. One time. Beautiful Erie. PA RIGHT ON. Lake Erie almost in Ohio and I drove through there. And that's all I thought about. was I better duck. When I crossed into the city limits or I'm going to get hit in the head with a board all hit you in the head with a Board of Sports Talk Doc Segue of the year come on back one? Eight hundred eight seven play gets you in. We've got another two hours. It's all free. It's all open no guests. Nobody wants to be on my. I show a Hump Day..

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