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The California Public utilities commission. Confirms officials are investigating whether electrical malfunctions reported by two companies could have caused to destructive wildfires in that state homes. Have been lost here on the Wolsey fire, but LA county fire chief Daryl AVI says on a fire twenty miles long. He feels his crews have had quite a bit of success, although we've lost over three hundred structures. We estimated that fifty seven thousand structures at risk that are still here. The battle is still very much underway. Here is firefighters on the ground and in the air battle flames. Alex stone, ABC news, Malibu, California. The death toll in California stands at thirty one. But officials say dozens of people remain unaccounted for a witness who testified in special counsel, Robert Muller's probe tells ABC news. He expects to be charged in the coming days. Jerome Corsi says he doesn't know what he's going to be charged though. Of course, he is one of several individuals associated. With political operative and close ally of President Trump, Roger stone. The Florida Senate candidates are slinging mind public and governor Rick Scott tells Fox News incumbent democratic Senator Bill Nelson is cheating said that fraudulent ballots should be counted Belsen says that statement alone proves Scott is incapable of being impartial in his role. Overseeing the recount does. He should remove himself has lawsuits. Fly Scotus suffered a setback. A federal judge denied the governor's demand. That voting machines here in Broward County be locked up for the sake of security. Judge Dak tutor says there's no evidence of fraud. Pete combs, ABC news Fort Lauderdale today marks one month. Since a caravan of Central American migrants hit the road on a journey to the US that caravan is about fifteen hundred miles from the border crossing at Tijuana down day on Wall Street, led by a broad selloff in tech companies the Dallas more than six hundred points. You're listening to ABC news. Did.

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