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Unions, however. Have taken a position that they're going to do whatever it is, they can. To keep Their teacher's home. And they have taken obscene positions. Hyperbolic positions about how danger it is to go back into the classroom. Also, that they can convince you Back their demands. Some of their demands are already being met. They're pretending otherwise. When they say we just want to make sure that it's safe to go into the schools that we have some some basics. Like access to PPE. Which they have Basics definitely being met. For almost every single site that we're talking about. Almost every single school. Has more than just the quote unquote basics. What a lot are pretending otherwise, And when you read in between the lines, you kind of get a better idea about what's at stake here. They're saying, for example. There. Of course, they're using Cove it as an excuse, but we demand smaller classrooms because we need socially distance. What is one of the things that teachers have been asking for for decades? Say smaller classrooms who, um smaller classes, smaller classrooms. How weird is that? Here's an opportunity to get those smaller classrooms. And, of course, while refusing to reopen schools, they'll also say no one wants to be back in the classroom more than we do. We're just refusing to do it, despite mountains of evidence showing how safe it is. Out, for example, in Richland. Where the teachers union president nearby the Pascoe Education Association. So famously said on video, and we played it a few weeks ago. That it is white supremacist thinking if you want to reopen schools And it's white privilege. To demand kids go back to school. Richland Education Association vice president Can haze is quoted in the Tri City Herald saying We want to reopen schools. We miss our students. Do you go? Doesn't quite seem like Ugo. Kind of seems like Don't miss him all that much. And you don't want to reopen schools. You keep dragging your feet in Seattle. They were supposed to reopen in March. That's not gonna happen. It's being delayed. I'm part of the reason why they're getting away with this. Two reasons. Number one. You still have some goodwill that has been built up. For decades in the community. Parents were unwilling to call this nonsense out. And you have a huge and unshakable ally. President Joe Biden, who on CBS over the weekend, for example. He's just pretending that the science isn't clear of this. He talks around the issue. I think it's time for school through open safely safely. They are reopening safely. They could reopen safely right now. We know, for example, in Pierce County after a pilot program where we tested Almost 10,000 students, teachers and parents. They got the quick auntie gin tests. There was only a 0.2% positivity rate. 0.2 We know it is safe to reopen schools. That is why we have mountains of data showing that they are not. In fact super spreader events. You have to have fewer people. The classroom. You.

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