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A break out of the top and someone with a new additions austin less side right side and then compete because of thirty maybe playing a little right tackle particular if you guys are moving around that seems like the some of the new additions like joeckel les i compete against recently on bowens plant at the left tackle position and then left guard and when i think just live tennis but i think getting gives us a good no can play left tackle he's been there done that yes i've watched every plays ever pass protected he's going to be a great addition to is what he's going to do season forced george to really have to go and george's have the offseason of his life which fan and it george if we were able to sit him for a while we continue to grow versatile to just soon into the far as he was last year that will help him we have really high hopes for george george is having a tremendous offseason this is his first win of a job no he can imagine so and there's there's no telling how for he's bring in peaking if you can play level to me luke play left guard that will be great for for so we'll see how that goes reese is in the mix to recent again we drafted distortion he's compete for starting spot it's so it's it's just last night is really i'm excited preller macdougall i was kind of a just a bonus fine because i'm a whole high in the board was he on your free agent with the return country this as a starting live so thrilled to get that done he's gonna he's going to bring that chip on the shoulders like very guys have he's got that back memories of that mentality he's had to play for everything long way he's some very good.

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