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And also tomato is a wonderful teacher this without us but they he's in sri lanka right now began send lovato's to to him also bundy's aja be will be happy. Be peaceful may be strong unhealthy. Mentally and physically. All my loved ones be will be happy. Be peaceful you can post time do it. Mindfully and slowly. In this moment we all together developable thoughts. Thank you are the one of the loneliest person right now in this world drive to develop your loving thoughts everyday day towards to yourself towards ones also to to the living beans and also to your difficult van and slowly focused on new breathing process nor to control your breathing bring raton sendo tip off your nose again. Failure updating process breath in mindfully and breathe out mindfully. Don't think about best. Don't think about future enjoyed this percent moment with focusing on your natural ordinary bad. If you haven't thoughts just know you having thoughts and combat the beaten process. Now please bring a bomb to get in front of your heart bigger full for this moment. Grateful for your practice be grateful for yourself bigger displays without displays. We can practice meditation. We can't learn anything. Also be grateful for the in his beautiful teachings and make a stone diminishing to develop a love in thoughts and also to practice this meditation. Never today at least five ten minutes apiece bittu and you'll be bad and you'll be happy may be peaceful slowly open noise okay. Let's start attending pakis. I fish number. Full normal does the bo-bottle otter hottle some moms some but does Normal thoughts Bogo overthrow are auto some mama. Somebody does Non more does Behind gerber to harder auto some Some does But done solder. And on gotcha me. Dahmane ida and on Song hung on gut the done sada on Within amman sada among god's chummy though embiid song hung sada non a dumbs nam god Embiid hum On gut shah. A song hung The sung by Domino will did wa narrowed john. This on some moon suco biz Harvey wrong onto sub biggies but sub bid how onondaga hoon do sub This sukey ta pari on to mono bung emma dumb Manos said da monmouth. Monica a bah a kado thirty taco monday. Monday a kong blah. It'll mono bond mama manos said Mono marna saw a sudden baha certainty. Well god the touto nuns sokaia. Monday eighty ta Any minus the photo stance minus.

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