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That means a lot. It's been an interesting path, and so basically after lake ten years, my brother came to me with disaster artist, and it finally felt like the right timing. It felt like the right project in of right dynamic for us to act opposite each other. And I knew we would have fun and that we would work well together because we do have similar sensibilities, and it ended up being one of the most rewarding experiences I've had. You know as an actor because I can I just be narcissistic for a second. I have the same thing with my wife. When I have put her in things I've directed. I've done it with this. Great fear that people are GONNA go up. She had to do her. Husband is favor of being in this movie She's bigger than this movie. And that was a huge voice in my head, and then I just had to keep measuring against the joy of the experience of working with a sure, and then ultimately just going like Oh. fucking shut up about the other thing. You love working with this person, do it. Yeah, I mean not to get too heavy about it, but it's like the people who know you guys. They know what's going on. They know that you guys are equals. Sure an all chronic, would we? Still Rolling on. Hold on hold on. Yes they are. Stressful. Really. About The, thank. Perfectly Dave, so what I will say, just I guess to transition back to this movie. Directed is yet because you did the same thing with Allison. Yes, exactly from the beginning. I actually didn't intend on directing this film Oh really I wrote it with a friend, but at that time I was going to act in it, and as much as I wanted allison to be a part of it. It felt a little awkward, because if we were both in it together, he would have been playing my sister-in-law, so that felt weird. Oh. Ah, but when I decided to direct it. I thought it would be smart just to focus on everything behind the camera. Good time for voice crack. Just knowing how much I felt really good about it, I. Nothing Freudian about where it's so obviously when when I was in acting in it anymore with the first person I went to and I'm so happy played out the way it did, because like I've always known how good of an actress she is, but like when I was in that position where I was able to just Kinda like watch her intently for five straight weeks. I, just realized how special she is where she has this this ability to balance like heavy drama with moments of Levity, sometimes within a single scene, and just like watching her seamlessly navigate back and forth between these conflicting emotions. It's like only a handful of people can do it as this. Can I honestly could not have done this without her and like people during the press Jonky like a lot of people have been a little tentative asking you know. How was it working with your wife?.

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