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I took her in a closet, and I spent the night at her house, and I asked them to come and the spirit started shape shifting. I remember it was an Indian. And then it was I remember the Indian real. Kept shape shit. Is it still following? Julia. No, no, no. I I'm I'm really really concerned about keeping myself. And that's a good thing you asset because this is leading into my question, which we only have a minute for so make sure you get. Okay. I'm very concerned about keeping myself in a positive light. I mean, you know, I I crave and communicate with majors every day. And and here's the thing. I've been told I'm very psychic. I've been told I'm a medium. But when I was about nineteen I cut myself off from at each because I didn't want to deal with any real negative entities. So I feel like I'm not using my gift, and I'm just wondering your take on it. She be afraid of negative energies of minute left, Bruce. Yes, she she should be very cautious. And when you when you get into this spiritual mode the connection. I always say something like I'm opening up. I I used the Star Trek thing, I'm opening up all hailing frequencies to all good and kind spirits and would my spirit guides. Also helped me they're also called gatekeepers to protect to protect me from any negative energy. So you have to say that right up front that inoculate Siew to it it pretty much bumps them out right away. We do have power over them in unless we invite them in. So you have to be very careful to right up front. Put you know, have have your bouncers get get rid of them. What are you doing on Halloween? Bruce. On halloween. We are just handing out candy and. Norwegian Chet soup. It's like a meat stew. It's kind of our tradition that we have fun with the kids here. We got a lot of scary decorations. So enjoy in Everett Washington is I bet you do. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I used to live in Everett. My first house was in north Everett. We've got a state show coming up on March twenty third of the historic Everett theater. So we're gonna have some fun, Bruce. Thank you. Let us know when the new book is done sometime next year, which is right around the corner. As a matter of fact for Dan Galanti, Tom, Dan, Heuser, Lisa Lyon, lex loan who had Sean Lada sore Stephanie Smith, Chris Boras timber dole and George Knapp. I'm George Noory somewhere out there on coast to coast AM. We'll see you on our next edition until then. Be safe. Everyone. Message and data rates may apply..

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