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It's like you didn't let. The structured sightsee for go begin like civilization all about eve. So that makes sense. Yeah. Melissa. Kills too busy. Missile walk-ins. So, you'll see the structure as it sees. Really. If you touch the wall with actually actually strong. Case today okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Which means it's really solid then bill for last. Last name make to a large extent these men chuckling. Because over the years also want extension. We just Illinois quite attached to this right because this is the monuments. If you just take a look. At. You see until we see. Somebody. Dominantly dominant. From development with union come. Okay. Account Care Care Care. That's fantastic. Pews there as well. Some of these overtime but. The original. But then Piedad Eurasian one day we'd be mixed us to go along yeah you need to be able Move, you don't mind me. That's Independent. Take from the sheep. If you look at a coup peters. You know. said. Would we come up with? Okay let's walk over. Each. He's still in day. We actually killed skills. Okay now, as a monumental importance for as much as possible for retain the originally monumental when I'm denies all see now like somebody goes down on this this this process. So we'RE GONNA go butts in terms of like history we'd its. And of his stuck show in an architectural design, all building importance for he's out of the he see because that's how the story. Exactly. Information, however, windows us down. Of, course came in, with Abby. it was all wooden. Okay. Okay. Okay. Over. Of because we've got a little things. Do we in small modernisations in quite a while of course, of course, of course. Small modernisation from within the regional regional structure be. It's a large extent most of. Having to keep you to. Talk about donates but make takes mom music break with the musical sounds of Sierra Leone..

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