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It's Friday December thirteenth. I'm Akilah Hughes. I'm getting resnick. And this is what a day. The terrifying black cat of Daily News podcasts Friday the thirteenth still scary. If these very it's actually scarier because Santa is watching on today's show facebook data privacy. Moderation all that stuff then some headlines but first impeachment news blast today David. Judiciary Committee is expected to approve two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump which makes trump the fourth president in the history of the country to face impeachment. Yesterday brought another day of hearings in the inquiry and the full house is expected to vote next week throughout Thursday. Republicans introduced a number of inmates including one that would have added hunter. Biden's name to the articles nickles of impeachment in place of his father and one after another. They were voted down. That is correct. There are a number of votes including another to eliminate the first article of impeachment which pertain in Sioux Abuse of power. Another strike down the second article impeachment on destruction of Congress and another saying that the United States aid to Ukraine that was frozen was eventually released east bold strategy and House. Democrats are preparing themselves for a few defections in their vote for moderate members who are concerned that voting to impeach could impact their re election next year though to moderate members publicly voiced support for the articles on Thursday. Get on board also. There is reporting from this week. That indicated that Senate Republicans are wanting to hold the short impeachment trial next year with no witnesses which runs counter to this initial desire from president trump to see a strong defense of his actions but on Thursday Senate that Majority Leader Mitch. McConnell reportedly met with the White House lawyer to discuss the impending trial which is expected to start in January. And that was today's impeachment. News blast best facebook. Your mother's favourite online argument hub is in the news for several reasons this week. The first the Federal Trade Commission in maybe seeking a preliminary injunction against facebook as soon as January. That's according to an exclusive report in The Wall Street Journal. When this news broke facebook? Stock Price fell four or percent. Akilah you're super into social media platforms and their inner workings to. Can you explain what this injunction would mean and what on earth it applies to absolutely so so if the injunction is obtained the court order could block facebook's plans to integrate what's APP instagram and Facebook Messenger. If you didn't know facebook owns all three of those things so facebook said that its plans to merge certain platforms are essentially to make them better for users not to eliminate competition or evade regulations. Yeah because when I think of facebook yeah I think wow this is just super easy to use logging on your phone always open safari. The Password is never saved. You have to find the little gear that gives you a temporary Passover to set verification and took me ten minutes to figure out where my photos were my profile. The last time that I tried but sure mark fine preach well. Social Media. Giant has reportedly worried most of this year that the FTC would seek an injunction against what are known as its interoperability rules A person familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal Interoperability F.. If Y I refers to the manner in which digital platforms interact so to make super simple facebook stream to messaging seamless between Messenger. What's up An instagram direct messages. which is in its own way Something like a monopoly. If facebook merges the messaging function of the three main free instant messaging APPS APPS that people use the does not like this idea for several reasons. One is that facebook makes it really really hard to import your friend list and contacts to other services services. If you wanted to leave so you probably won't leave Another reason is that face plan will likely come at the cost of privacy. The Electronic Frontier Foundation a nonprofit defending digital privacy free speech and innovation believes that facebook doesn't want users to have control over their data and that the platform should be the ones to keep it safe right right and there's been a lot of conversation about going after facebook for various kinds of monopoly behavior. Senator Elizabeth Warren for one has called to break up the company and other big tech companies like Google and Amazon but this FTC injunction obviously doesn't go as far as she and others have suggested. Yeah but some people have pointed out that there are advantages to to an injunction Columbia University law professor. Tim Wu a former senior adviser for the. FTC said quote. The advantages are that gets things moving and sort of forces things to a judicial traditional decision. Very quickly he went on to say as opposed to having an antitrust investigation going on for five years also talked about how high the burden of proof can be in a full all on antitrust suit plus launching an antitrust suit against Ole F. B. might open a whole big can of worms for the FTC. It could lead to more suits and investigations against other large tech companies like when Google acquired nest or Amazon acquired whole foods. Currently several state. Attorneys General are also investigating facebook and Google for antitrust issues man. The second news item regarding facebook also yesterday the platform pledged one hundred thirty million dollars to fund a Supreme Court Art Content. Now this is not mean that Ruth Bader Ginsburg or somebody like that will be reviewing your spongebob memes. which is what I thought when I heard about it? Yeah well I would pay money to find. Find Out Ruth's Favorite favorite memes. I digress facebook's plan is to establish an independent board charged with reviewing how the company moderates its content providing long-term back to its experiment and better policing of the platform. The money is supposed to cover six years worth of salaries office space. HR and more As we all know facebook has had a bunch of public controversies over how it handles misinformation and hate speech and graphic content and this board is what facebook is calling their quote initial commitment mitten to better policing of all of that stuff. The board will function like an appeals court. So there's GonNa five-person panels adjudicating controversies arising from within facebook which which sounds like a really big hit. CVS drama to me. Yeah get those ratings up with this bad boy. Love it The aim of the board is to help the company enforce its own content standards but also the board can recommend policy changes to facebook that the company must publicly address. Yes on the heels of this news. FACEBOOK also released a sixty page. report that it commissioned from a social responsibility consultancy called B S. Are the paper recommended that this new independent facebook board consider a wide range of possible the harm from content quote beyond just freedom of expression. They suggested that the board should justify all of its decisions in terms of United Nations. Human Rights Principles This independent board review is the first of its kind for social media networks and although we have no idea how this is actually going to play out. Here's hoping Youtube twitter and other social the platforms begin to take the problems on their platforms justice.

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