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Network based out of dallas texas. She's been oxnard at the cowboys camp for the last couple luik. She's been a great guest on our show. We thought we bring her on today because the zeke and jerry and steven jones negotiations through jane yesterday were very very public and jane is now joining us on the phone. I generally speaking jane. I wouldn't love my team. Negotiating through the media aaron donald an old and the rams stan kroenke. It was very quiet carson wentz with philadelphia. It lasted maybe six hours and it was no longer a story. This thing's gone on now for two three weeks. It's very public. What do you make of that. I don't make too much of it calling because it's dallas and we're new to it when you cover the team <hes> but here's what i will say about situation i think with the cowboys are saying to you is we feel as though we've put what they they described as generous offers on the table for all three of them back maury zeke they feel good about that. <hes> we've discussed her out camp. It takes two to tango and it doesn't sound like at least from the cowboys guy that they have had a willing partner in some of this <hes> in in other words where they're at and where all three of these players iraq are nowhere close to where they wanna be. I've been told that they have made offers. I characterize it as generous that with each one of these players in be taught five. I think traditions in terms of highest paid so they feel good about that and you know we talked about this last week. This is the thing it's my understanding. What they're asking is close to todd gurley numbers. The i think the cowboys dots and bad deal. They don't want to get in the business of starting with todd gurley numbers they feel the love you on bell numbers or more and that's been the road here on but it was also described to me that if they can't get on board with something ahead of the season the cowboys aren't necessarily opposed in doing one year deal yeah their schedules a favorable in the first three weeks dallas kick it off to three and start. They face kinda rebuilding teams. I think washington new york giants are up in their zeke almost sounded like yesterday. The story that zeke's camp appeared appeared to leak to e._s._p._n. Almost sounded like a threat. We told you in january. We're not gonna play without a deal..

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