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I. O. D. sixty degrees implantation and sixty right now in the Killian area it's now six thirty one the governor's visit to Miami could shed more light on the state's response to the corona virus governor Ronnie Sanders will be in Miami today with Surgeon General Scott Ricky's after two presumptive positive cases were reported here yesterday the department of health says both patients in Hillsborough and manatee counties are in isolation and the overall threat to the public is low if he says that we are at the critical early moments of the outbreak but this is the scenario public health officials plan for every day Miami leaders are also expected to lay out preparation plans for corona virus today C. Miami department of fire rescue's division of emergency management has been actively planning for several weeks officials will be laying out their plans at city hall this morning Miami mayor Francis Suarez along with city manager art Noriega and emergency management leaders are expected to be on hand the death toll from the corona virus does keep growing more than three thousand people have now died from the respiratory illness the majority of those deaths have been in China over the weekend however if the U. S. saw its first deaths from the corona virus both in Washington state at six thirty two democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is poised have a big day super Tuesday a series of polls shows the Vermont senator leading in three important states a CBS news or YouGov poll shows that thirty one percent of California Democrats favor Sanders followed by Joe Biden with nineteen percent if that holds true Sanders would come away with a good chunk of California's four hundred and fifteen pledged delegates in Texas in N. B. C. news Marist poll and Sanders with thirty four percent compared with Biden's nineteen percent Texas has the most pledged delegates on Tuesday meantime an NBC news Marist poll also found Sanders holding a narrow lead for north Carolina's one hundred and ten delegates that is mark Mayfield reporting the hash tag thank you Peter is trending on Twitter after people to judge dropped out of the race for the democratic presidential nomination the former mayor of south bend Indiana was the first openly gay man to win delegates for a National Party Miami Dade voters can weigh in on Florida's presidential preference primary set for St Patrick's day beginning today early voting is being held at twenty three locations across the county for eight hours a day over two week period ending March fifteenth supervisor of elections Christina white says you can vote in any open location so long as you have a picture ID and remember to close to primary must be either a registered Republican or a registered Democrat to vote in Miami Dade County and the Florida primaries early voting begins Saturday in Broward and ends two days before the primary there are two hundred nineteen delegates up for grabs in Florida you can check out a full list of early voting locations and times I W. I. O. T. dot com six thirty four the U. S. Air Force changing its song to reflect a gender neutral force.

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