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Authorities as a parent stops is to say if my child does not share these beliefs than i want them to catch not catch i'm sorry i don't wanna like free create language about like dirtiness when it comes to stuff like sexually transmitted disease but then like then i want her to get cervical cancer do you do you know what i mean when you say that out loud it sounds bad and like that is the limit of your thority like i don't think you should say one really great way to drive my point home is to say hey if you ever change your mind i hope you get cervical cancer i don't think that that's a good way to parent i don't think there's a loving way to parent i don't think that's frankly ineffective way to entice young people to buy into your abstinence i assume absence you know parade or whatever right like yeah no he that's what he's seeing as the solution and anything else is weakness that's like she's just going onto the dark side and essentially like whatever happens while she's over there good luck what i'll throw this out to i'm not sure that this is likely to convince this person but there is an article available from the canadian medical association journal that studied two groups of eighth grade girls who one group did receive the vaccine one didn't it was a cohort of over two hundred fifty thousand girls they were followed for an average of four and a half years there was no statistically significant increase in any indicators of sexual behavior related to having gotten the vaccine so it does not in fact encourage risky behavior that's that's something that's been studied i would encourage you to look up more studies in to reassure yourself i i hate to throw this out there because i feel like there are excellent reasons to get it regardless but even if it were very very important to you that your daughter obey your every belief about sexuality it is possible that your daughter could someday be assaulted against her.

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