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Now, look, you juxtapose it toe last week, and obviously, you know, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played in a dome last last week, you know, in a controlled environment where they were able Tonto do do some things that they're not going to be able to do if you head up to Lambeau Field and you're playing in 20 degree weather, and you have elements that are unpredictable. Coming this Sunday. So that can be absolutely a factor, And I think it will be a factor. But I take a look at this game and I see that run defense for Tampa Bay, right. And it is the best run defense in the NFL. And then I see. You know Aaron Jones. I see a collision of two things that are going to be extremely intriguing. In this football game. If the Green Bay Packers, you know, look, we're going to be able to see Aaron Rodgers. I think slinging around a little bit right. He's gonna be able. They're going to be able to do some things through the air with that offense, But the big key in this game is going to be Aaron Jones and Aaron Jones. Being able to, you know, be a factor. Is he going to be the guy that's gonna be able to get out there and get 70 yards and a touchdown or two if he is And the Green Bay Packers. You know, because these two teams obviously play during the regular season, we saw how that all turned out if the Packers are able to avoid what Andy was talking about those turnovers, right, those Aaron Rodgers interceptions the pick six that they had in that gammy and sample Bay if they're able to avoid Those those issues. You know, I really believe that the Packers are able to handle our business in this game, and Green Bay is going to win. It is going to be able to cover that number. And so I I I agree with Andy. I think that Green Bay is the team that gets it done in this match up in the NFC champion game. There you go in the Joneses going at it Running back wise, no Ronald Jones. The second is going to be, you know back and probably get the ball a little bit more for netted, stepped in nicely. That gives you two different backs. But Jones started picking things up and he's been fighting that. I believe it's an ankle injury for a while. Aaron Jones, just under 1500 yards combined, has over 1100 on the ground and nine touchdowns and then receiving Wise 47 receptions to Touchdowns. But 355 yards by the Airways and Jamal Williams, who missed a couple games also 31 reception. So that's 78 receptions to your two backs. Oh, and Dylan really came on of Lady Jaye Dylan and did a nice job running that football as well and gives them another guy. He's averaging 5.3 per carry. But he got banged up last week as well. Now, the one thing that I'll say caveat wise for Green Bay fans. As far as from the offensive side of the ball is that when Devante Jim Jones went Davante Adams missed a couple games, including the game against New Orleans. Remember Mike Thomas Miss for New Orleans? But Davante Adams also miss for Green Bay. When you missed those two games, Rogers had to find other guys so You know Lazard was one of the guys that he liked. Vow. This can't link on Benton Yin. It's pronounced Tanya Robert Onion, the tight end became a favorite target. Then Lazar got hurt with an abdominal below pectoral problem, or or ribs or something some ad thing and he missed a few games as well. So that really opened things up. In fact, Lazard missed six games during the season, and I just like the way that Rogers was able to spray the ball around, find different guys because he knows he can trust Adams. But he also knows that Adams is going to get doubled up, but Adams did a great job. Been Jalen Ramsey drew that assignment last week. And if you can lose Jalen Ramsey on occasion or get doubled and be that decoy that opens it up for some very quality receivers, and again, those two guys have the backfield and Jones and Williams 88 receptions. Rogers knows when to dump it off to the back and or want to take off. You don't see him scamper too much, But when he does, he's usually good for 10 to 12 yards, Andy Hey, exactly does have that added dimension that Brady really doesn't have. I mean, he had occasional run. But Rogers it's more part of his. His game plan to take advantage of that. Both of these guys are cerebral quarterbacks. Very, very smart. Very, very good instincts. Very intuitive as well, eh, so they can improvise. Not in the way that my homes can can and provided but improvise differently as far as being able to Disguise where they're going to throw by by showing certain looks offensively and then doing the play and there's the play on phones doing what the defense thought they had already given up on, so I think I think we may see some some offense in this game. But as I said, before, I think it will be lower scoring them. The 51 51 a half suggests because I think the key, especially for Green Bay, as I mentioned is to get that run game established. We saw what Kansas City was able to do last week against Cleveland. Cleveland Big running attack, You know they were able to take time off the clock. That's why we said, I think what only five possessions and in the first half of that Kansas City Cleveland game last week and I think that we may see both teams because they respect what the opposing quarterback can do. Both teams will try to keep the opposing team's offense off the field as much as possible. And I do think that Aaron Rodgers again every bit as good as, uh, breaking down defenses as Brady has been over the years and Brady through a few more interceptions issue that he has in the past, but he's still pretty good to Tampa Bay's been pretty good at avoiding the turnovers and, er, we disrespecting a little bit. This Green Bay defense. We're talking about a defense that you know. Back in 2018. They picked up gyro Alexander with the first round pick back in a couple of years ago. They end up opening the checkbook from the guy the likes of Smith and of both Preston and Uh, So Darius Smith at linebacker, also Adrian a most the safety and then they used to prefer tropics with picking up trash on Gary and also Darnell savages Well, too. Is this a defense that really you're forgetting to be giving more respect to, I guess, forgetting Christian Kirksey, who was one of the leading tacklers and miss the first game between these two teams s So Andy is this is the situation And maybe we're not, you know, giving the credit where credit is due. When you think about it, I get it in terms of you know these traditional measure of total yards allowed per game. Tampa Bay 3 27. I drank six Green Bay 3 34 that ranks night so they're both well above average..

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