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It was like this handmade thing. It was gorgeous and I came back and he's like, signing a car to him. And I was like, you and John Mayer. He's like, I know you just love each other's. It is a romance and a half. They're just, I mean, you can tell like in its public commenting until. Time, like deeming they help each other. It's Andy goes on like their tour bus and like tours with them as a groupie. Any flies to go see their show. It's pure an utter, just like guys loving each other. So that's just what it is. People really took that surround. Everyone was like when after the fifty there. Like I think I think John Gerna relationships. Yeah, everyone thought that everyone came to me. No way it was. Why can't they just friends and they? They're amazing friends. I love it. I love that friendship. And that is mean John does wonderful things for Andy, like Andy the same way back, but they're just he no tight warming. Andy's in LA like they both have the two penthouses on the hotel like pal around with each other. Like they're just like little kids and it's adorable, I love that. Noah thrilling. It's really cute in regards to. So when I think of like Andy's core, I make like Kelly Ripa Anderson of his famous for his name is yeah. Calliope Anderson Cooper, John Mayer, surgical obviously, I don't know if it's just on Instagram. I mean, I'm sure not just in its, but Diane von Furstenberg. They're incredibly active. Evan Barry Diller are very good friends vacationing with them right now. And so that's that's a real thing he has. So a lot of really. Does. It's very. I think you feel like you if anything handle it incredibly well. Now I know them like, legitimately, you know, I, I got these, his birthday party or whatever. I wore this all Blackley suit. And I had this diamond company. I was like, I wanna look really good. I'm going to be around like fucking shape p like, got a little good. So they let me these like, awesome. Like rock and roll diamond necklaces. And Kelly Ripa would just come up to me. She's like Deering a making anybody those for you. And I was like, please? Yes, please. That'd be awesome. Now, it's before I years. I'd be like, hi, Darren introduced. Now I feel like I'm part of your part of, yeah, that took a long time, but not because of Andy, just because ticks while like break that professional into friendships, personal realm, especially as an assistant. But I've been with him for seven plus years. So it took a little while, but now it just like work friends like Andy would be at my wedding, which is really, he would marry me which him being ordained and Mary. Oh my God. And it'd be like, really nice. That's some. Yeah, would love to the best ball. I'm gonna play on your wedding. You're there. I mean, they're helping the organizes closet. It's the least I could do. It's at least. Yeah. So what do you think is the question of just gave to me? What do you think in terms of that core group? Our chances are getting those individuals on the podcast on. I mean, listen, you had k. Ripa on, we had Kelly amazing for so why not get? I mean, think Eddie would come on. I think Andy. Busy. The problem is a schedule, wouldn't it be for lack of wanting to do it, but it's so hard for me to talk to him for five minutes. Right? Like I went to Mailer day before we went on vacation. I was like, I haven't spoken to you in two weeks and I'm feeling very co dependent on you and your feelings towards me. I was like, might not have been with for seven years. I was like, do something like what's going on. He's like, Darren, I'm just trying to give you space. So you don't leave me. And I was like, that's the best thing of boss could say, and he's just like, so he's so busy that even for two weeks and talk to him and I had no idea what the fuck he was doing. But I mean, he goes on podcast all the time like he loves to talk about Bravo. I don't think it would be schedule far enough in advance. Yeah, I think Anderson Cooper might be hard because he has a little bit more of like a strict news background understand and like he's a very serious person..

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