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Ecological disaster. They could devastate hawai for a long time in their natural drinking water. But do you haven't heard that on the news? I would think probably not. Of course, you don't hear about Flint anymore either or Benton Harbor Michigan, where the pipes are full of still a problem. Right. You know, you don't hear about any of that, but you know, how many years later, you know, how come we couldn't fix that? So, yeah. Just drink water until you die. You know, it doesn't matter if it's got diesel peeling or jet fuel. It's like we laugh, but it's not funny, you know? It's kind of disappointing. It is, you know, and they've known. When I moved to Hawaii, 35, when I moved there in 19 they were talking about this in the 90s, you know, and here in here we are 2021, almost 22, and all the tanks are leaking. Big surprise. Hello. They were put in during World War II. There you go. Think a tank. You put in the ground, how long 60 70, 80 years ago? Isn't going to leak? Yeah. Oh my God. That's why a lot of people are pulling those oil tanks out of the ground and having tanks above ground. Yeah, when my family was in the head construction business, the we had diesel and gasoline tanks in the ground. But my dad was way ahead of everybody. He built. He put in a concrete containment system around it. He had everything he knew if those tanks would ever leak. And people are like, you're crazy. You're spending all this extra money. And he's like, my well is 37 feet away. And the well is only 42 feet deep. He says, do you think I want diesel and gasoline seeping out that tank into my home's drinking room? Drinking water. You know, he said there's no expense. You know, this is common sense. And he did this in the 70s. So, you know, you know, you're not going to put a field tank where you've got close to your well. You know, that's just common sense. You know, a little concrete, yeah, you know, ten trucks of concrete or whatever it took to make that box. You know, if they will bury you in a concrete crip, why can't you put peel tanks in a concrete? You know, go figure. Well, just put your tank above ground in the basement or something like that. Well, these were 10,000 gallon tanks. Each. So it's not like there's going to be if you have the property for it. Yeah, put a program. But you still have to have a containment system underneath it in case it leaks. And probably at risk of leaking is where he struck by lightning exposed to environment, but at least you'll see it dripping. Right. Oh man. I've got his way off topic here. And we're near the end. Oh, that's good though. We made it. Yes, we did. Light news week. Well, again, I think we covered some good ground here, so. Yeah. What you doing for new year's, you're going to go out and participate with the amateurs and whoop it up. I don't know. I'm probably just going to stay home. As one of my coworkers said, he says that by midnight I'll be a long sleep. So I'm going to sleep his way into the new year. Yeah, my sister's having a New Year's Eve party. So I'm, I don't know. I don't know if I'm going to attend or not, but, you know, I've got to fly out the two days later, so I don't need to be drinking new year's and there's a hangover on the first and then get out an airplane on the second. I can nursing over from drinking in Vegas because there's going to be enough of that going on anyway. So yeah, that's coming up quick. Yeah, so I don't know exactly, but I know where. If you want to watch any of the CES content that I'm going to be producing, it will be Gemini central dot com. It'll be pinned to the top of the website or a live stuff, I don't know a schedule, but I would assume probably about 10 a.m. Pacific on Wednesday will get kicked off and then Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. So are we doing a new media show on the 5th? No. I'm not going to be available. So no show next week. Okay. But a show on the 12th? Yep, I'll be back. Okay. So that will work. That'll be our schedule. I'll try and get I'll try and get a guest on that we've been shooting for for a while. I haven't be interesting. Oh. Oh. Well, that would be big to get that individual on. Who I'm thinking? Marco. Yeah, well, you can pull that off. That'll be a coup. He doesn't talk to nobody. Right. When you told me he would do it in January. Okay. All right. So hopefully, hopefully the 12th might work. Yeah, if any of you have questions from Marco, submit them to us. I'm Todd at blueberry dot com at if you don't know who Marco is Markle armament, who's the creator of overcast. So again, you can send an email to the rod of our rob or I taught a blueberry dot com at gears on Twitter. Again, no guarantee is going to be on, but if you send the questions, maybe we don't help. Yeah. I'd like to get him on. And I can be found on Twitter as well. At rob greenley, and then you can send me an email to rob G at lipson dot com. And I'd love to hear from you. I'd love to get feedback from you. What your thoughts are on what you think is going to happen in the new year. It would be great too. And then we can talk about that a little bit in the next episode. So we're going to go ahead and bounce out of here. I'm not completely prepared here because I don't have the right screen up. Let me see if I can do this real quick without embarrassing myself there we go. All right, everyone. We'll see you next time. Happy new year. Happy new year. Set your resolutions and let's look forward to a better 2022..

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