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To you by sports leisure vacations as always and don't forget now of links to what we talk about as well as other really cool stuff that today we just can't cover because they're just too much to cover can be found to travel guides radio dot com either mark Hey hi I'd be very good we you know we have last week we we had that teach you know about putting the shoe in the safe and why did you put one shoe in the safe yeah right I did you got there did you have any other ramifications so you don't forget what you you reason you put one shoe in the save as you can you're not leaving without issue right you won't leave anything in the safe yeah so today we have a very special guest in the studio she has a very special connection to the travel guides but we will not divulge who she is or what her connection is until three thirty five another compelling teas travel guys to keep you on the edge of your car CDS or at least in the line that in and out burger all right well how was your week we've been doing hi I was mostly around Sacramento except I had the opportunity to go Tom and see something in San Francisco yesterday you know how that the thing with Broadway shows now is to make a a show about somebody a modern pop star share a Carole King Tina Turner's says star life stories coming out next year I that that will probably be very entertaining with Simon and Garfunkel they decide to do something a little different on they've kind of created the spy optic thing where somebody place Paul Simon and somebody plays art Garfunkel at people that look relatively like a man can sing like them and then behind it there's no staging it's just a video screen with a band and as they play their songs and they they narrate they talk about the times and some of the pictures that are shown on the screen reflect some of the times in the sixties and stuff which of course was a fairly turbulent time on two hours of Simon and Garfunkel music cleaned up at the end by a nice encore the reason I mention this there were three shows in San Francisco and you can't go see it there now but they are coming there are a number of different troops doing this a two different people and one of them is coming to the harasser soon which is a great venue wonderful place to catch some really good entertainment at very reasonable prices and so if you are a Simon and Garfunkel fan I would really strongly encourage you to go catch this show or a you may find it somewhere else is it pops around the country you can go online like I said it's going it's all over the place is even international but it was really a fun day at the theater and my goodness the weekend in San Francisco the weather down there is like on a scale of one to ten the weather in San Francisco this weekend is a fourteen there you go so pretty pretty cool place but anyway Simon Garfunkel kind of a blast from the past well I know you've been a big guy Simon and Garfunkel fan so my but what what particular tune did you go away singing the last encore song was the boxer and that's always kind of been one of my favorites what was really interesting about this though is it really wasn't a greatest hits thing because the first half of the show was about how they came together and got started and and they had a different name when they start I want to give everything away but they they did some songs that you will not have heard and it's so and they did them very well and you can kind of see you can hear in the evolution of the music from their very first songs and as they kind of start to get going and you can hear that sound that eventually became their sound when they did that reunion in Central Park in nineteen eighty one half a million people and ten years later Paul Simon does a concert in Central Park nineteen ninety one by himself without car for art Garfunkel seven hundred and fifty thousand people so that gives you some idea of what the popularity in the beginning was while they were around anyway that was that was kind of fun do the do the whole songs or just pieces so they did the whole the whole thing but they didn't do every song but I think by the end that young core was bridge over troubled water in the boxer and I think by the end everybody walked away feeling that they had heard their favorite song and perhaps learn a little something about the people who who saying the music so that's always kind of entertaining those guys had kind of you know they had a falling out in all kinds of stuff went on so but instead of of turning that into two and a half hours of drama on the stage they decided to just I think to go with the music and tell their their story but let the music do most of the talking I think that was a good decision one of these days that'll be you and me will have that falling out to turn it into a an album and away will go well if you are the person who leaves our special guest will be able to fill and I and I can't be giving them away well okay at the top very travel guides radio show we do our best to bring you up to date on the travel news.

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