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About a seventy eight year old man from Puerto Rico. He's married with five children, and he had a high PSA the biopsy, and it was treated with standard radiation at one of the big hospitals had nine weeks of radiation. He had nine weeks or radiation for a PSA twenty Gleason seven kids, certainly know that with those numbers standard radiation, nearly never work. So why would doctors wanna give forty five treatments or someone with the cancer almost never responds? Well, the doctors get paid by the visit. So that's great for the doctor. The hospital gets paid by the visit such great for the hospital. Hey, it's great for everybody is great for the hospitals. Great for the doctor. It's great to get paid by the hospital. It's great for everybody. But the patient. And well, he didn't do. Well, the cancer came rip roaring back at nine weeks of radiation. The cancer doesn't respond to keeps on growing. He tried loop road shit. Which is an anti. Testosterone medication. It takes away. A man slipped. Beadle takes away a sexual function off engage weight and has hot flashes had all these treatments that didn't work and art wanted. And now came back to me. With a rising PSA, and we biopsy this prostate and the cancer still right back in the middle of the prostate. We staged up as an tire body and found only cancer in the prostate and our offering treatment to try to get them into remission. And luckily right now, he's intermission as PSA zero. And we hope he stays there. That's what we're working on before you get a treatment. You should find out what the success rate is if he knew the success rate for nine weeks radiation for his high risk cancer is so low. I imagine any logical person would have come raced to thirteen eighty four Broadway. Insane me, unfortunately, they never told him about the success. It just gave them the treatment. That was the most difficult longest most expensive not the one that's the best. And he was stuck until he came to thirteen eighty four Broadway. Another man is seventy five years old. He came with a PSA of one hundred sixty seven and a mass on. His face. He was born in the USSR. His PSA was one hundred sixty seventy seventy five years old. Hit a very advanced baulky cancer. He came to me for two separate cancers won a two centimeter mass on the cheek which was cancer and two is prostate cancer. PSA one hundred sixty seven he chose I to treat the prostate cancer two years. He was frayed of biopsy that is going to spill the cancer. Well, it doesn't spill the cancer. It gives the best chance to know. Exactly. What a person has. And he was treated and now.

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