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LA county sheriff Alex Villanueva said that he was announcing an off-duty deputy shot in the head Monday night, and a Jack in the box restaurant has died indication that he knew that the person was a was a law enforcement officer, the deputy was alerted in the restaurant that someone was following him. And that's when he turned to confront it, and that's when the shooting happened, if he wrote Joseph Gilbert, Solano was a thirteen year veteran of the department thirty year old retina Elson of Utah's being held in connection with the shooting thirty as also a suspect in the random killing of another man in Los Angeles and hour before the shooting of the deputy. He's also suspected of being a gunman who robbed five convenience stores in the San Diego County area, a few days ago in Texas, a thirty three year old man under arrest in the killings of three women in Dallas, including a transgender woman KENDALL. Yard Lyles charged with three counts murder Lila's being held without bond and Collin county jail in McKinney. House oversight committee, voting doled attorney general, you Barin commerce secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of congress for not complying with subpoenas, relating to the decision to add a citizenship question to the twenty twenty cents sending a message that we simply went out democracy to say intact, chair Cummings President Trump invoked, executive privilege on the issue earlier today. Former Trump eight hope Hicks, has agreed to a closed-door interview with the House Judiciary panel. She was issued a subpoena from the committee last month as part of the Russia investigation hope is now the executive vice president and chief communications officer for FOX corporation after Dave, sit ins tear tear-gas and clashes with police students in Hong Kong vowing to keep protesting a proposed extradition Bill that has sparked concerns over Chinese control and erosion of civil liberties..

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