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Can provide you of up to seven percent guarantee daniel growth and any income that you can never out live if that doesn't give you know and i don't know what will for some of you it's hard to have hope i feel for yeah i've spoken with many a person who wish to they were my clients years ago instead of today some of them feel like failures but they really shouldn't they were simply miss led by the promise as a brokers friends and the media telling them that to work hard put your money and mutual fund diversify and everything's going to be okay well what failed is a promise that never should have been made you know sometimes failures like an elevator i am sure you can remember times when everything seems to be going good with your retirement maybe you feel that way now it's like writing on an elevator heading straight for the penthouse every gate you would wake up and be on a higher floor in fact your retirement money is doing so well you don't even pay attention to what floor you're on but then all of a sudden you feel that sinking feeling you know what i mean we have all felt that when the elevator first starts to drop are stemming goes into arts wrote when year elevator starts going down when it's supposed to be going up it is not a feeling that anybody likes it's kind of like the unexpected turbulence that you have on an airplane flight so before you know what you're elevators dropping so fast it's all you can do to hold on your brokers telling you don't worry the marketable hit a bottom you might also year this is a great buying opportunity well guess what this is the same thing they taylor clients every time the market drops so the good news is that the elevator rarely drops without stopping on a few floors along the way the problem is that hardly anybody gets up the elevator maybe they hope it will start going back up it's kind of like they game blur that's waiting for the next big and he sees his stack shrinking but thanks you know how if i can just hit the right cards everything's going to be okay so isn't that what you're brokers telling you to do he is not saying it in those words but nevertheless he's tell you know wait for the next hand.

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