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The it is 88 degrees in albuquerque scott students today of or clock actions have consequences looks like some teens are getting that message our next update's at one thirty ipad alan whose radio kkob ha upside down case who had and follow the news the last few days good for you good free the world hasn't changed north korea did launched an icbm they say that this could reach alaska with with a heavy nuke after that the us and south korea held a ballistic missile drill this icbm did make it into the territories of japan things have gotten worse the president is meeting with putin for his first diplomatic dance with the with putin and the g twenty it is going to be an official meeting also a former guantanamo detaining got ten million dollars from canada and there is also an illegal alien who has sued san francisco for violating their sanctuary city laws and he won money from san francisco and in an amazing story that really goes to the heart of who we are and something they can actually change things the vatican hospital has offered to take in the baby charlie guard carleen is a a baby who the court system in london has deemed must died ten 10monthsold the court said you cannot take him out of this hospital camp try to get help anywhere else even the vatican now he's saying bring him to our hospital wheeled freedom.

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