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This is little atoms. A radio show about ideas and coach with me nailed any this week. Lauren growth returns a little ad. Talk about latest novel. Matrix is a new york times. Bestselling author three levels the monsters of templeton acadia and faints bureaus and the celebrated short story collections delicate edible birds and florida which we talked on their labs. A couple of years ago has been featured in the new yorker harpers the atlantic and simple best american short story anthologies. And today we're going to be talking about loans. Latest novel matrix lauren. Welcome back little atoms. Thank you so much for having menia first of all. Tell us how you would describe this novel. I just kind of this novel. As a contemporary retelling of the life of the phones who has the first female poet in french who became an abyss. But we don't actually know much about her so it's all imagined she becomes a mistake in my book and this book deals with ideas of female power and autonomy and a little bit of climate change and all sorts of other things the purpose of religion in the life of a person who is resistant to it. Well hey when you describe it. In those times i was gonna say this is ostensibly on the surface that departure for you compared to your previous word but actually there are many contemporary residences in the story. Oh absolutely actually meant for this book to be sort of the past and the present speaking to each other over the abyss. There's this incredible. Elliott smith quotes. That i was thinking about as i was writing. That goes a work of art in unfixed time. The shaft opens the past and present exist in the same moment and we know as being that. We are connected in that sort of the idea that i was trying to go with. I also played around with some of the historical fiction written by say penelope fitzgerald. Who does this sort of extraordinarily lights vision of the past written with a great deal of sort of contemporary wit's end ideas that have slithering in and out so that was my model for this book. What i was going to ask you about right at the edge. But let's do it now. Then so well support for joe terms of writing hysterical historical fiction.

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