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What's also troubling to me is this text johnny radcliffe foul last night about this quit society now i have no clue what that means 'cause that was not the phraseology i used for this the day after the election and it's the same two people that were discussing a little bit later in the text the damage they had done with the clinton investigation and how they could quote it that reference said perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society the fbi agent peter struck and the fbi lawyer lisa page were removed from the russia investigation after the text critical trump were discovered a texas congressman john ratcliffe suggested that there may have been a broader secret society working within the f the i against trump and given the allegation that the obama administration over the surveillance powers of the the nsa in the fbi and the fight the courts in the rest of it to surveilled trump administration members and may have violated those laws the referenced among fbi agents to it's time to convene a secret society this is all very very strange there is something stinky gone on here and i i don't think it's it's it's trump you know kissing up the putin either there's some funk going on here and i wonderful ever get to the bottom of the you know the latest after the trend and we talked about this earlier on the matter what agency you're talking about no matter which party is in charge is they just lose the record sorry we can't find a few it's happened over and over again in recent years or eu stole elected and this is unimaginable the justice department stonewalled congress so long under colder that holder became the first department but the first uh what am i looking for attorney general verity generally out to be held in contempt the congress i think maybe in the nation's history of the argument but it's just the idea of a transparent government accountable government a government that is overseen is getting less and less true and it's scary turns out there are a number of reasons for one west coast burger chains success business insider pointing out in and out burgers pays its employees really well in fact in announce paying store managers more than one hundred sixty thousand dollars a year route that is more than triple.

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