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Low enough Laura CONOR McGregor. I will save thirty two bourbon. What did you say thirty-seven Laura Wins? She's the closest Conor McGregor Sixteenth Sixteenth. Here yeah and he didn't fight Bahir. He wanted one fighters right but remember. He also has a ton of endorsements he owns his own Liquor company that's big or he's part owner or something like that he's got he's got some some Jews. Let's switch over to Cristiano Renaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Italian soccer fame at the moment. Ben Lyons Number One. If he's not number one doing it wrong greg bird yet. Yeah I mean we can do the same number so say one also Laura. I'M GONNA go against them and say to mores right. Cristiano Renaldo is number two on the Forbes highest paid lists so Laura's kicking butt here. Let's do one more. Let's do one more pick a sport. Ben I'll let you pick a sport like one of the professional sports. You know I would go baseball okay. Baseba- baseball baseball basically. I've done differently. No Clinton I might trump make. Money does make a lot of money for sure. So Baseball Clayton Kershaw Clayton Kershaw. Ben Lyons Well Clayton gives it all away so I don't know how bat factor is in but I'm going to say the money he earned. I'm GonNa go twenty nine. Greg Bergman think that's way too high baseball. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I think he's going to be somewhere closer to like eighty seven. Laura the eight. Wow more got really close. We're more wins again. You guys stink. She kick your Butt fifty-seven Clayton Kershaw. How she's got it in front of her. She's cheating no not again. You can't even take an L. properly. Good Lord No so Ben Lyons are movie review this week. Hockey's coming back and you want hockey inspired movies. Is THAT ACCURATE NASTY. Some hockey inspired movies next week. I'm GONNA do a deep dive with you on the movies that are decade because I agree with Tarantino Social Network right up there on the top on the list. But let's get into the best hockey movies because hockey is taking big steps to get back on the rink at number five cents Charlestown where they also shot the town slapshot with. Paul Newman where his team brings violence to the equation and share enough ingratiates itself to the people of Charles down. What a surprise at number four. Goon starring Sean William Scott from American Pie fame. He's a Canadian bouncer. And bartender gets on a semi pro hockey team. And it's actually spawned a sequel. It's free well done. Goon at number four at number three. It's miracle it's the story. The nineteen eighty United States Olympic hockey. Team that Won The miracle on Ice Kurt Russell. Of course feel good movie produced by Mike Tolan. Who did the last dance at number three miracle at number two Gordon Bombay? My niece and nephew just watched and discovered mighty ducks for the first time and it held out for their seven and eight year. Seven and eight years old and it's held up for them and they loved it. I loved the flying V and I love the sequels as well and that number one It's the greatest hockey movie ever. It's called Red Army and it's about the greatest team ever the Russian hockey team that was used by the Russian government to go against the West and propaganda against the West and Slava the T. soft defect into the United States and joined the trade redwings where they won multiple Stanley Cups. I saw it. I the canned film festival I met. My wife was the premier so it holds a special place in my. Arlo documentary Red Army about the history of the Russian hockey program. That is nice. That is a nice little tien their last thing. Before I let you go Cosco has announced it will reinstate free food samples Ben Starting in mid June. It says quote. We're going to start doing things in mid June as a slow rollout basis in sampling. I can't tell you anymore but needless to say it's not going to be where you just go and pick up an open sample with your fingers. Laura just went to a restaurant. She was somewhat uncomfortable. She says she will not go back anytime soon. If you have to GO TO COSCO. You're hitting the sample. The Costco thing concerns me because it sounds like there's going to be a lot of plastic that goes with that and that's something I'm noticing throughout this pandemic. It's just so much plastic. We constantly are forced to consume oftentimes. When we don't have a choice so anytime we are afforded that opportunity to have a choice. Take it because so many times. We aren't to be wary of the plastic. Yeah Laura hanging out Lord's going at cow and avenue. She's hanging out. She's out in the clubs knotted about that might have to put bottle service on hold for a couple of weeks. Ben Lines thank you so much for hanging out as you do each and every week so Neturei love. Thanks for having me on the show next week right. Twenty ten we'll review. How many do you want to do five want to do ten? You want to go deeper next week with a deep dive directors. Give me more than an hour. We really dive into what we'll do is we'll get into. We'll do less sports and then we'll get into that a little earlier and we'll give you like a fool like eight or nine minutes to dive into that George. I thought you're supposed to stick to sports George now sports. Hey listen I drive this bus wherever I want to okay? I'm happy to be a passenger anytime. Thanks for having me on. I brother. We'll talk to you next week. There has been lines for our weekly movie review. I done here. Thank you guys for engaging me in my social commentary to start the show again. I just want everyone to respect each other have empathy towards each other and just understand each other just a little bit like. Let's try to do that. We live in a very strange time right now and I think that people need to be able to do those things empathize with each other. Understand each other and listen to each other. Don't yell listen to each other and talk to each other all right. Thanks to Laura. Thanks TO GREG. Thanks to you guys are tuning in. We love you. We'll talk to you on Monday at ten. Have a great weekend..

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