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You can. You can actually buy. I don't can install a third nipple with an appleton offset third male installation malleable iron two inch to inch. It looks like tube or pipe. And you could install a third nicolai. Why don't type in comedy third nipple see what comedy comedy third nipple. What does it give me. I mean you could do this. Back in nineteen eighty-eight yemen. You couldn't search. It'd be more embarrassing searching for a third nipple. Nine hundred eighty eight when there was no internet. No a don't be saying that this arava lodge phallic object. And i didn't want to see that. Thanks very much okay. So finally an amazon third nipple see. We have an amazon. Whiteman for stretch marks. Why do men have nipples Installment enlighten foss deepen sexy. There's a third nipple joshua gain. And then you have the hacker manual breast pump with bottle specially for a third nipple and then you have a free flow nipple as well. So they're all breast pumps out there for third nipples absolutely fascinating but cannot get myself a comedy plastic third nipple that i think could change my whole outlook. I think it's almost like having a yogi getting into that mindset. You know the extra sense that we don't have exploring parts of the brain wearing a using a twenty percent of the brain. I think the extra nipple could give me up to maybe eighty to ninety percent full capacity. Gonna keep looking my such continuance. So let's talk about the various steamed horse race that started in the seventeenth century. The grand national. It's a steeplechase event. So it's it's a fabulous. Sporting occasion is controversial but fascinating to watch. It often occurs masters weekend as well which is very interesting as well. It too great. Sporting events together But it is graham national day they had a virtual grand national that was based around statistics and computer generated Horse race last year. That was very interesting as well looking at the form and putting the form which horses prefer the good to soft ground or ground and everything else but the grand national is a national hunt race which is run left handed over four miles. That's two and a half the longest for the people at their four miles and five hundred and fourteen yards over thirty fences. Sixty separate fences jump multiple times at aintree racecourse in liverpool in the uk. It is seven is for seven years old and over which are rated one hundred twenty or more by the british horseracing authority and its privacy paces. A recognized chase chaser three my three miles or more it was first round in eighteen. Thirty nine on the twenty sixth of february and the most valuable gem race in europe it is widely believed that the first race took place in eighteen. Thirty six however eight thirty six thirty seven. Thirty eight were all disregarded as it believed they took place at monkey hill not aintree the eighteen thirty nine grand national which is believed to have been the real first grandmaster with one by lottery. What could name who was road by journ mason. It was not until eighteen. Forty three grand national was made into a handicapped by top them who was respected handicapper at the time and how great influence over the national the first four years during the first world war eighteen. Ninety sixteen to eighteen hundred racecourses taken over by the war office so an alternative rates could take place at gatwick racecourse and the now. The land is occupied by gatwick airport in nine hundred sixteen. The racist called the race course. Association steeplechase And then in one thousand eight hundred racist called the war national steeplechase however these races were not classes. Graham nationals as a result of these races water mess out in the winners so between in the second world war one thousand nine hundred forty five grand national was run aintree racecourse of use for armed forces. The game defenses. So i mean there's been many key winners over the years jem mason on lottery for the first one multiple winners abakada eight hundred fifty eight hundred fifty one. The rice won by rubio. Famous horse Nine hundred twenty eight the record for the fewest finishes and the grand national and then you had the race foinaven race. One by one hundred to one in ninety sixty seven one of the horses fell and then in one thousand nine hundred seventy had beautiful red iran winning three grand nationals and then bob champion defeated cancer that jockey all eighty nine hundred ninety one. I mean there's so many stories. The fabric of the grand national is amazing. I mean it is one of those tingle down the spine sporting events and then it happened today. a has passed since they had the virtual grand national. No grand national was round last year and this year. they think it could be historical. The number of female jockeys no female jockey has ever won the grand national. Rachel blackmore mole incredibly talented jockey. Who's taking part in the national and most of the race horses doing very very well. And then i think overstepped his mark and and got very very tired. Then rachel blackmore road home. It was an amazing achievement. Let me she won on manila times at aintree lady levin to one chance i'm by henry bromhead diorama settled upright at boca floss. And she said. I don't feel male or female right now. I don't even feel human after winning the race. I mean water fantastic. She'd been cheese landmark success at cheltenham festival. Become the first jockey with jockeyed. Be the meeting leading jockey about a month ago. So huge day for horse racing and females and sport breaking down the barriers sisters. A truly doing it for themselves. November of two lull and betty. Now so here we go. We have a double whammy today. On the eddie matic english eccentric habits. I love the full english. I don't think we've ever had the magnetic english eccentric cabot being breakfast. Who knows that. There's people taking notes on the show minutes of the show. So maybe i have talked about it before but here. We go so the breakfast. This is an enigmatic english-eccentric food habit double-leg bacon sausage beans. Do you want with that. Love is anything more moines girding lee british then morning. Fry up so good that it hasn't even restricted the mornings. The end it all day now the all day breakfast is the mark of a great british cafe. Or and then you've got the beautiful cabbage. And.

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