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Home with bitcoin. It'll be it'll be the most expensive house you'll ever. So yeah that story as always you know. Those are some of the stories that get overlooked A lot you know when you go through the alien ufo lor some of the people who said you know. This has happened. And i don't know if your audience knows this. I'm sure many if they listened. Ground zero the know this but June they're supposed to by law president trump put into law. And there's to reveal the truth about these ufo's or the uap. They call them up because they want to. They want to handle the They want to be able to own narrative but But then there's I guess an investigative Task force that. The president hired to do the investigation apart from this other group. That's doing the investigation pass. We may not find out the truth. Yeah 'cause that'd be president biden was asked about. Ufo's what he was meeting with. I think the korean Prime minister something and he says barack obama had said that he seen the videos and he believes that they're real. What are you say he goes. We'll ask him and that's what he said. I didn't hate these ufo questions yeah. He doesn't want to. He doesn't wanna talk about and he's feels awkward about it probably because he doesn't know i remember trump was asked asked i. He acted like he knew everything and then cut backed off and said well. I don't believe a particularly but if our men and women in the navy. I've seen these things that we need to investigate them. And then he signed into law that we should investigate them so hopefully. That'll be honored. Because i know a lot of things like fifteen different executive orders like signed off and some of them were to rescind some of donald trump's policies And so. I'm hoping that the ufo thing isn't one of those things because i'd like to know what they've you know every time. The government is challenged from Blue book to now. They've always come short. They don't tell you anything. And so the us government as well. They're not ones people in the us. Government are not for sticking their next documenting something that maybe their boss is gonna see. That's gonna make them think crazy. But recently we have seen like people in the military that have come out with us videos or freaking remains. Let's say they come like right in front of them. And then boom disappeared out of these people in the military so that tick-tock yet tax. I interviewed ralph blumenthal Whose the editor of the new york times. It broke that story and He was amazed and the thing is is that every one of us most of us have a little bit of exposure to the whole ufo story the mythology the legends all this stuff and when finally made the new york times people started paying attention. It made sixty minutes last week. So and then of course everybody from the view to ellen to whomever tucker carlson all talking about it now and it's so funny to see these journalists try and make heads or tales of these stories and realizing they know absolutely nothing about them now. Anything from area fifty three. Yup what. I'll give you three fifty one. You had it Because somebody was on the view. And i think it was What's your name hosting. And on first name sonny host and saying all. I'm so into this. I love the.

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