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Gleason and the Honeymooners my time I seen that one yet Ralph Kramden was his name he's the only other Ralph I remember yeah and you know you can tell from what's the popular names like every year they have the top ten girls names and ten boys names they go like in the streets and in some kind of streak or something well what I do is I look at him and I say what is in our society is now valuing because you can compare all those names together and see what is now being valued for example in twenty twenty what is being valued looking at the two thousand nineteen names is we want our man smart and we want them flexible and we want them to think outside the box we want our women to be likable and to be kind how come some names that were used to years ago eighteen hundreds have just merely disappeared like Jezebel and stuff I don't think anybody's ever called Jezebel anymore what happened to these names I think people understand subconsciously that some names are not really positive and when you want to name your child you want to give them the best chance of success out there so when you realized like Jezebel in the Bible was a not a positive name and so is that becomes into people's awareness they got on not to do that to my kids that's interesting so I don't think kids are called like by you'll see Bob or anything like that are the a lot of made up names in the United States where in different countries they literally will give you a list like in Norway you can pick any child's name off of this list but you cannot have a name that's not on this list I know I know a girl who is a anchor person in the Montana her first name is Phoenix L. and if that's a different name the name somebody right the are you naming them after state or how did that happen well it's what it means first of all you've got Phoenix rising and so you look at Phoenix has a positive because of the Phoenix rising and if you look at the names and the letters it says this is going to be somebody who can think outside the box is going to be able to hold their own and it's going to have great left and right brain coordination so that they're going to be able to excel in both the left brain tasks and the right brain cancer so that's a fabulous person name interesting then your websites of course you named it yourself then you yes No the names because I always thought that if somebody was hearing it and they were not you know where they can write it down they could think later only need to remember that name I need to know the name of that website you go oh yeah that was it you know the name so somebody like Ted Bundy who is the serial killer that was his name that's what people called him would things have changed for him it's people and call them Theodore he has a confrontation in Theodore but in the words head in in the name Ted and lesser something in the last name to counterbalance it there's anger anger shows up for different ways in names and some of the way say I can get mad enough to kill and that's what shows up in his name is Pat stay with us I also understand showed on that you have come up with some kind of meaning for corona virus we'll talk about that when we come back in a moment or websites are linked up at coast to coast am dot com and again the books are called all the names of the person and know the name.

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