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There is one fatality Osho will be investigating we also heard from mass dot that the workers were employed by department contractor and they were doing a bridge replacement project when they tumbled not clear why thanksgiving travel update for you over at Logan airport now reporting ninety four delays in to cancellations the majority of delay flights are jet blue call your airlines on the road the thirties or making a plea to drivers to make it a safe thanksgiving holiday tonight is called black out Wednesday when more people drink and drive and die then any other night of the year except new year's was your county DA Joe Earley says three motor vehicle crashes overnight claimed three lives to pedestrians killed in Worcester a motorist killed in Leicester stories this hour identified being the driver in one of those deadly crashes Ian McGrath of Worcester charge was speeding not wearing a seat belt and not stopping after a fatal crash world three on WBZ after the roads we go and hopefully a ride is a safe one certainly a long one for a lot of folks Mike Mike's here right now with the updated super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three C. L. Laurie we expected big delays of the mass turnpike this afternoon we certainly have them at stop and go for twelve and a half miles from Grafton L. passed to ninety in Auburn it's been like that for a while it'll stay like that for a while now behind this we've got typical rush hour delays from Newton corner out to the state police barracks in western over the upper stretch of route one twenty eight now is an offer insurance copter well it looks like things have been improving lately but we do have delays still here a one twenty north on the start around Windsor St Burlington your other breaks up in the wake field and there are some more slowdowns up around Salem street and Wallace street the Littlefield stretch I'm interested at the bot free insurance populates on ninety three north from the upper deck up through met for getting rid of a crash by route sixteen then more delays up towards one twenty eight route three slow going one twenty eight a pass route sixty two more delays up after four ninety five the expressway crawling out of the tunnel down past Columbia road in granted have to the Braintree split northbound seems to be fine down down the lower decks okay the Tobin L. pounds all backed up and duster drives just about back to mass half my king with WBZ's traffic on the three my Kristin thank you the rain has arrived right over the border of Massachusetts right now along a route nineteen Pitts field that area and we're seeing some rain if you're up in Vermont.

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