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Senior constable constable. Geoffrey on it was on Judy in the town of Japan on Monday February one when a coal came through from the local Lutheran Minister requesting an offices present instead of property in Antwerp twenty six kilometers south. The minister had just been summoned the himself and was disturbed by what he had found and when constable on at arrived at the vulnerable farmhouse at around two PM. He was graded by a balding man. Who identified himself as David Klingner and stated? It's a long story entering the house. The policeman soul row Vilma into Leeann rock and Beck say did at the kitchen table. Leeann reading aloud from a bottle and Ralph using amok to highlight passages relating to resurrection continuing down a Hallway Hallway to the bedroom constable on it sorefame all buddy with noticeable facial and on bruising in an advanced state of decomposition lying on the bed flies and maggots had gathered on the body under which there was an enormous stain on a mattress and avail ODA permeated the room constable. Long it estimated the woman had been dead for several days upon returning to the kitchen. He saw Ralph still rating. He's Bobble and noticed. There was quite a strange atmosphere of calm constable on queried Ralph as to whether he would be making funeral arrangements for his wife. The RAFF responded that they wouldn't pay a funeral and he was a bet to witness the greatest miracle as joined would soon walk out of the bedroom alive life with completely restored body shocked constable on made no further comment and called for backup row pretend to rating. He's Babu. David told other responding officers that Joan had thought as the group had been physically reading the demonic spirits spirits from her. When queried as to how John's buddy had become so bruised he explained that the demons had given her enormous strength and she had to be forcefully? Forcefully held down the home Assad squad arranged to have the body taken to Melbourne for a post mortem examination that afternoon the noon Ralph Leeann and David were role. Take into Horsham police station to be formally questioned. They were interviewed for several hours by local police. Ace before homicide squad. Detectives arrived from Melbourne and commence the second phase of interviews in his account. Ralph Olma claimed that he had discovered disturbing things about his wife during the exorcism such as that. Her parents had sacrificed to of their other children. At birth and had baptized has turned the name of Satan wins. He was three years old after this alleged baptism she became known as baby princess. Joan to those who worship to citing Jones family who avoided the public spotlight following her death denied days claims. Ralph Folsom said that. John had been very distraught by her. Admission to light sought mental health hospital so he had made her a promise that she would never have to return to sake tricare eh this Sabena factoring seeking divine intervention for his wife instead of medical attention. He stated that he's fellow worshippers Leeann Rockin back. And David Klingner will more sensitive to the Voice of God than he was so for the most part he followed their laid when it came to you extracting information from John In regards to the mistreatment and injuries inflicted against John. Ralph insisted she wouldn't have have felt any physical pain quote. The would've heard my wife terribly but that wasn't my wife. We weren't dealing dealing with my wife anymore. This is the whole point. See a wooden. Allow anything like that to happen to my wife. You can't believe that she wasn't my wife. She was an evil spirit that needed to be dealt with. Despite having witnessed the decomposition position of her body he remained adamant that Joan would be revived stating he's expectation that God would provide her with a new body and quote would do a complete resurrection job. Leeann rock and back expressed her surprise. Join had Daud Ju to group pressing on on her neck saying that. They believed they were doing what was necessary to do. She told police should paint involved in deliverance for I j months but had never encountered anything lock John's case before David Klingner acknowledged that while it would have been appropriate to call an ambulance for journ and quite in worldly terms. The group had been dealing with the spiritual meadow. He said God had provided him a message that the case would receive. Whoa what attention lading those who had performed the XS and Bain criminally charged and possibly imprisoned in response? Today's consequences bunce's God would return John to life and quote. Shohei is victorious. In this day and age. The three individuals have committed to return home in the early hours of Tuesday February. Two later that day detectives visited the volume of property and filmed row as he took them on a tour of the homestead providing a narrative of the exorcism and pointing out where particular events take place lice. An autopsy determined that the thyroid Kotla Jin giant's neck pain fractured chewed due to the amount of pressure that the perpetrators at applaud and she died of cardiac arrest within two days of police funding her buddy. Both the styling Australian and international media outlets reporting on the bizarre case Ralph openly spoke to journalists who turned up at his property sharing all all of the details about the excesses him in one newspaper report published on Wednesday February three. He described the moment that he's waft odd unquote. There was a great noise of heating screaming and groaning. The noise down a looked at her eyes and US saw the light leave them he explained to her. Death wasn't reported because they had received messages that the Lord would raise her up. The giants funeral was scheduled for Friday February five less than a week after her death row informed the media he knew with absolute certainty that she would be resurrected before her body was light to rest stating she will tell. God's story to people people around the world and get sinners to repent. He was AK- that the media shared a story and invited journalists to attend so that you could witness the miracle for themselves. The modest service was held in Horsham at the Salvation Army Hall where Joan and Ralph had occasionally worshiped. Roughly Sixty joins friends and fellow. Church goers attended but her family were absent reportedly too distressed by the manner of her death. Ebbe there as many as thirty journalists and photographers as well as Horsham. Police officers mounted proceedings Salvation Army Captain Colin. Corkery presided over the service stating in ten years of ministry. We have never known any experience. The the base so traumatic in the two years. We have known Ralph and Jain we have nine them to be gentle simple and caring people he coercion against the lone ranger exorcists who operated at saw the bands of Churches Lorna Cayman Has Salvation Army sister said joins legacy legacy would be that happy. Caring loving woman who walked with the James's following the ceremony to Costco was taken to Horsham cemetery for burial with curious. Spectators gathered around the perimeter awaiting the alleged Miracle Ralph had promised after a Bible passage was shed giant's coffin was slowly lowered into its grave. And Ralph closed. These is tilting these head to the sky to pray When the casket touched the ground raff began subbing for the I don turning to his sons support as he finally realized John Jain was gone? He willingly spoke with records after the burial theorising. Perhaps Joan hadn't wanted to return because she locked Kevin Sorry March David Klingner also spoke with the press stating that he had nothing to God and if the police wanted to speak with him again quote quote then our guest warned me. He revealed that he and John Ryan back had already performed a deliverance on another woman just four days after John's death but this one had been a success sometime after the funeral wrath moved in with the Rock and backs WCHS helping out on the couple's FEMME and taking care of their children. While one of his sons took over the property at Antwerp the rock and backs press circle. Disbanded disbanded that Diane Ralph maintained their faith regularly attending services at another church in Horsham. Uh Police prepared a report for the Karna and three months off to John's death row foam. Ah Lien Rock. And Back David. Klingner and Matthew Naski. We're all charged with manslaughter. Ole Full received the bail and were rewarded. The face a three-day committal hearing in September on Monday September thirteen the four defendants h carrying bobble filed into Horsham Magistrates Court to religious this experts at Baptist theologian and a Catholic Church official gave evidence that while they believed in demonic possession. Such cases were rare and improved understanding of mental health had led them to believe many so-called possessions of the past had been mis diagnosed psychological disorders Jones mental health diagnosis two years earlier was relayed to the court and how the Rock and back C. Street with X. `SMS had led to them being expelled from their church which on the hearing second day Laya Clugston took the stand telling the court that she had regularly consulted the defendants throughout at the exorcism and while she had never met Joan. God had repeatedly confirmed that she was possessed. Leah stated that off the visiting the property property on January thirty one delaying hands on joins deceased body. She alerted the local Minnesota after much prayer on the Meta at various various stages. She would shudder and interrupt around testimony to channel the Voice of God exclaiming I'm sorry daddies good speaking yes..

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