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Good afternoon, I'm Ann Kramer, the top local stories we're following this hour, the weather we are starting off with severe weather in our area, storm team fours, Mike stenner joins us live with an update, Mike, what's happening and how bad could things get this afternoon? A powerful, dangerous, thunderstorm moving into loudoun county, Virginia, is stretches from Brunswick to hillsborough to percival moving off to the east at 60 miles an hour, watch out for wind gusts of up to 70 miles an hour along with quarter size hell. Northern Porsche of this storm is rotating. There was a tornado warning associated with it earlier, and we're going to watch this supercell as it rotates. We could get more tornado warnings across much of the area, including portions of Montgomery county and Frederick county in Maryland as the storms continue to race off and approach the two 70 corridor in between Frederick and Germantown. Other storms are now racing just north of interstate 70 to the Pennsylvania border. So the entire region is under a severe thunderstorm watch until 7 o'clock this evening and wind damage is the main thread over the next several hours along with large hail and a few isolated tornadoes. And I'll be back in just a couple of minutes with your complete forecast. Thanks, Mike, and stay with your weather alert station. For all the developments on this storm this afternoon. As you just heard from CBS News, tropical storm, Ian is marching toward the golf and rescue teams are mobilizing, including a team from our area heading to the sunshine state. That's the sound of Virginia task force one loading up their gear. Their fairfax county's international urban search and rescue team. There are 45 member team comprised of technical search and rescue specialists

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