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Grain of salt that maybe a little bit, but the two efforts prior to that were very, very good. And one of them was at a $700 $700 raise. It's the end of my week. Be nice. $700,000 race. And regal glory, of course, won the Pegasus turf and did so. Affiliate mayor turf and did so and very fine fashion had got gay to wire the matriarch so versatile, talented and yeah, they got a couple really good ones. Never acted over for George Arnold shows up here, won the valley view a couple starts back at keenland that was the only career when it came to this one. And then lady spike spear, who didn't do a lot of running in the hillsborough here at Tampa. If you remember, that was Tampa Derby day and then we got a ton of rain early on. And I believe, in fact, I'm almost positive. I'm not going to look it up, but 98% sure. The hillsborough was the first turf race that day. They had it labeled good. The way bleaker street came running and rocky sky camera, like I thought, Gladys was the early one of the early pace that she kind of stayed on. But I thought it was a race that seemed to favor an off the pace flow and an inside flow and this horse was on the rail, though, so. I don't know, a little bit of a little bit of a mysterious race there from lady spiders. I don't think she's going to be as good as the chads, but when she runs her race, she's decidedly very solid for this kind of level. Edward Vaughn has a horse who came up to woodbine and ran behind them, moved to makina in the EP Taylor last time was fourth been off since then. For Jack's sisterson. It's just a maiden winner. So I mean, it's very much looks like a strong, I think a lot of people are going to go Chad Chad or pick one or the other chads. In there, that would be my guess. The giant causeway always a fun race 5 and a half furlongs. Now it was Giant's Causeway was he a turf sprinter? I feel like I remember him running on the main track dirt in the classic. But I don't remember him being a 5 and a half turf her. Every once in a while, you run into names that are peculiar for, you know, like secretary, it's big race is a turf race for three years. Now he ran on turf. He was pretty good on turf. But still, like that doesn't that seem a little weird? Like that, you know, one of the greatest dirt horses ever. It doesn't have a dirt race. But he's got a turf race. Campanello for Wesley warden, Wesley for his cold as his three year olds have been, or two year olds rather, he still off to a good start at keenly, he's got three wins already golden Powell, of course, one of those. But it comes out of this horse comes out of a race of Keenan last year finishing third behind a few in this race change of control and ambassador Luna. Change of control of course, the Michelle level runner who went up to woodbine a couple times last year was down a fairgrounds this winter ran got beat by LZ, who's also in this race. There's a lot of common opponents in this race. And so changing control of the last time, though, is a little bit of a toss. It was a bad start, and this is just a horse that wants to be a little bit closer up. And so I got to think that a better start, the mid pack draw I kind of like for this one, but their speed right to is outside too with jouster. Gesture is like a Scott speed for a sprint, but he's such a rout speed type, right? I feel like turf sprint speed and route, TERF speeder. Big time different ball games. And there's some other early speed types in here. But man, it's a competitive group. LZ who's a speed type drew on the far outside, so she's going to have to get over for Chris Hartman, who's just been on a I don't want to say he's been on a tear anymore. 24% trainer for like the last year and a half. You just winning a lot. This horse is a wind machine for Bette rich get Mitch. What's Ed say bet Mitch get rich? It's like he had a big line, but anyways, fun day out of keelan, the count fleet sprint, which I thought that was the one that they changed the name for for whitmore, but maybe I was wrong on that. But we see the return of Jackie's warrior. 6 to 5 on the morning line, but bob's edge who was the winner of the whitmore last time out from last to first that huge move down The Crown of the track and comes into the race and just incredible form for Larry Jones. But he's going to have to run down Jackie's work. Now, empire of golds in here who's got some good early speed, but other than that. I mean, mojo man went to wire last time out so he's capable of showing other people but his style generally is not been. You know, go to the front. I love that mojo man ran in the send in an army stakes. In fact, he won it at Indiana. Shout out game. Maybe a little hunch play for Gabe but the fellas. But you know, Jackie's warrior fresh and you know, obviously, didn't go on with it in the breeders cup sprint. It was a race that doctor Shiva wasn't that far off aloha west was, and so but following C was close up battling. So I don't know. I think it was just kind of the end of the meat it was going over to del mar. I think there was a few reasons why Jackie's warrior wasn't maybe a 100% sharp that day, but he's making his four year old debut, there's, to me, depending on the price, there's plenty of reasons to go against him, but there's plenty of reasons to like him too, so it's a little bit of a weird situation. Yeah, I don't know. I'm curious to see how much they bet him versus Bob Saget because bob's edge is certainly has some recency on Jackie's worry. He's had starts this year where Jackie's warrior has not. They're both for you. Obviously they had very different three year old campaigns, but yeah, bob's edge is a super, super solid informed bridge right now, and Jackie's work like I said, there's just, I mean, there is there is. There are question marks. But, you know, on his best day, clearly he's one that's tough to handle. Steve aspirin obviously can do pretty good work with some sprinters..

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