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What. Let me let me go against him. Real quick it was one of those where. I'm sitting here trying to chase workouts like jason. He's top five so he only worked out fourteen seventeen. We used to go back. Were you gotta man. I gotta go to toronto. Like i gotta go. You know what i mean is just you know it's a grind. You know. enjoy the process but the most important thing here is challenging each other. Not mean you guys for you. Guys to really build like your. Your game is ready because you guys. You've practiced together so much right. I mean you. What he can do can't do so. That means you guys are gonna pick on each other in the most which means you guys gonna be sharpened each other's nuys because now you're going to be pushed too weak side. You have to now try to figure out how you guys are going to challenge each other most or you know so when you guys go into these workout. You guys should be really competing like when when i was coming in. It was me jason. Richardson troy murphy. Kenny satterfield and avars bail. Like i don't know if you not bail but beuys probably what highest jump ever seen like his one of the rhode island his one leg. It was brought rockets back so we got richardson in done. Contests jason richardson. They wanna parts. So you got four guys you got you got four yards. Who's in different positions so me and kinney satterfield. We don't wanna one player so a dog initiative richard one. It.

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