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To the clay travis and buck sexton show buck member go to klay and buck dot com website for updates stories news all kinds of good things photos of claes cats. Which for you dog folks out there. We're not running an official contest or anything. Although come on we gotta make sure the dogs win but to lula. The french bulldog went up on clan dot com and clays cats up. And there's all this love for the cat. So i'm just saying for the dog folks out there you gotta go on clay dot com also to renew stories. It's not just about the the pet photos we put on. I'm honestly stunned. By how much interest there are has been in the cats and And as As we break it down. There's a lot of good stuff up there we got. We should give more credit. Let me do it right now. To the entire staff that we have inherited that surrounded rush limbaugh and we're over a month end of the show now and they have a well oiled machine and we have stepped in and hopefully not slowed them down at all but the behind the scenes people who you hear us occasionally mentioned have done a pretty fantastic job. What's the days running teams team in the business. So clay and buck dot com is being run by the same people that have been running russia's russia's online for for years and years so go to clan buck dot com. Check that out. We did want to take some calls but before we get to the calls. I just want to note that we have a cancel culture situation to discuss with you in the third hour And i one thing that will always do here is tell you the truth and make sure that you know what you need to know to assess where we're coming from things. Black rifle coffee was the subject of a new york times magazine profile of the weekend. Got a lot of attention and a lot of people on the right are pretty angry now. We're going to have the black rifle. Ceo evan hafer. And i wanna tell you while they're not sponsors of this show who are having them on to talk about the cancel culture situation. They could be at some point a future. I've had them on a sponsor in the past. And i will also tell you that i consider avenue the founders of black rifle to be friends so play and i are going to ask them. What's going on here. But i want you to know that. Here's a situation where someone that i think A group that i think has done. Some great stuff is getting a lot of heat on the right and we want them to explain why we want them to be able to tell you what's really going on here because they say clay. It's a hit piece man. They got taken out of context. And i think they should have the right to make that case to everybody. Yeah look and we're in a good spot where we have the biggest radio show in the country and so sometimes when controversies arise people have options to go and talk to a ton of different sources out there right and we have because of you guys such a monumentally massive audience that sometimes one of the most effective inefficient things to do is go right to the biggest audience you can find and so that's why they wanna come on and talk talk with us and talk to you guys so i i'm curious to see how this is gonna go. We're taking some of your calls in the meantime been. We haven't done that yet so far today. Who should we go to. I buck tom and richfield do tom. Yes here how you guys good. What's going on. I just wanna just preface my comments by saying that i was thirty plus faith listener for rush limbaugh. I'm bishop gary. I think It was a little rough transition from list. Not listening to him and then listening guys but you do a great job and i'm thankful that you're there because there's such a weight when you drive all day for a living you don't get too many commute Community people to hugh that it's reassurance. He was a mentor was an inspiration. He told me to seek facts on my own and how to find the truth in a morass media media. Tom we share. We share that with you. Mean rush was a a a mentor on the air and then obviously as a guest hosted of guest hosted forum for years and clays inspired by russia's well. So we're we're with you on that. But what's your thought about the democrats okay. So my comment is this. I think looking back. And i'm gonna power face. What was said but the greatest dissemination of this information throughout the media was kamala harris. And that's because she had the biggest largest bully pulpit and she said and i'm paraphrasing. i would not take the vaccine of donald trump. who's advocating or promoting it. Now this is the same vaccine. That biden is now swearing. By and i would think since she was able to get wall to wall media coverage without that sound bite that probably three hundred million people in the united states but she said out of those we know at least seventy five seventy seven million people voted for her and joe biden so she got to influence half the population of the united states to at least the doubtful or in some way have some suspicion about that vaccine because what she i clicked tom. You're making thank you so much for calling in from connecticut. You're making a clay. He's an excellent point here. The origins really in at least american political discourse a vaccine hesitancy came from democrats like vitamin harris themselves. Who were saying. I mean you know. Maybe you can't trust vaccine under trump's fda. They absolutely did it. That there's no doubt. And i think people i understand the argument of hey. We need science to not be political. But i don't understand how anybody out there who has listened to everything. Our public scientists have said since march of twenty twenty can come to any other conclusion other than it's all political and i think it's unfortunate but that's where we are and that's why. I'm afraid that we're going to end up in bach. Another lockdown before all is said and done in. This process got is where we are headed. You got a new york city councilman. Thank you producer alley for sending us to us. right now. New york city councilman saying he wants mandate back in new york. Biggest city in the country folks can in texas. You've got some thoughts on it a buck. It's an honor to speak to you. Guys the The politicians in in california and gathered in particular requiring people who are vaccinated to wear a mask. That is clearly overdoing their authority. And i predict you got there. The guy i predicted this last year. That was this. Kobe virus initially set in that liberals will take advantage of this and use it because they they are absolutely into control. And now that the del delta buried is coming back. they're licking their chops. 'cause every minute of it i it's time for these people these people in california anywhere else if you're vaccinated. You should not have to wear that. People need to stand up to this. The how can. I feel like you just shouldn't don't wear masks period. Syria i if the data doesn't reflect in buchan mine's mine again and we try to use the actual data. The data doesn't reflect. That mask made any difference at all. If you compare different state outcomes based on the way that they the choices that they made in other words if you look at florida and you look at texas and you compare them with california new york. Florida and texas. Far less draconian in terms of what they required compared to new york in california yet. Florida and texas have lower rates of cova coleman infection cova deaths than those other places and so what bucket i try to do is share data with you real facts and try to make sense of it and sometimes that can be challenging in real time. That's what we're trying to do. Right now is the stock market is down nearly a thousand points but back when we come back we're to be joined by the guys at black rifle coffee to talk about what they are going through right now as they find themselves at the center of a media storm based on a new york times article that went up on the front page new york times magazine over the weekend and that should be a pretty interesting. We're we're going to see the founder of black rifle on.

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