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Right after these headlines. Lie from NPR news. I'm Laxmi saying Ah, large unified presidents of law enforcement agencies will be on full display this weekend in Portland, Oregon, a city engulfed in nearly four months of protests for racial justice that have often disintegrated. Into violent clashes and destruction of property. Democrats have pushed back against too heavy a federal president's worried President Trump is using the violence for his own political gains. The governor Kate Brown says with white supremacist groups planning to rally in the largely liberal city calling in state police to assist Portland authorities, she says, is the right decision. By using my executive authority to ensure that law enforcement had adequate resource is for the weekend in order to prevent violence was the appropriate strategy for this particular weekend. And the mayor was supportive of that approach. The most recent demonstrations were over a grand jury's decision in Louisville, Kentucky, not to bring criminal charges against officers for killing Briana Taylor in March. Louisiana's attorney general is investigating a local school district for possible violation of the Second Amendment. The district suspended a student for having a BB gun in his hands. Hearing virtual class NPR's Debbie Elliot reports he and sitting could raise other constitutional questions as well. Jefferson Parish schools suspended fourth grader Kumari Harrison of Harvey, Louisiana for six days after his teacher saw him handling a BB gun during a virtual test. Republican Attorney general Jeff Landry called it blatant government overreach. Announcing an investigation and his intent to intervene on behalf of the Harrison family. Landry called it absurd to conclude that a student's home is now school property because of videoconferencing. The president of historically black Dillard University in New Orleans is also asking school officials to reconsider, saying the punishment exceeds thie offense and could harm the student's future. Debbie Elliot. NPR NEWS New inspector general's report says the State Department lied to Congress about why it rescinded an award to a Finnish journalist. Last year, a journalist was to be honored for exposing Russian disinformation. We have this from NPR's Michelle Kelemen. The story. The State Department told Congress about the finish reporter is that officials mistakenly notified her that she had won the International Woman of Courage Award. The inspector general finds that she did. But the offer was rescinded. After the department learned that she had criticized President Trump in social Media posts. Emails show that officials were worried that she could embarrass the administration at a ceremony attended by first Lady Melania Trump. Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, who asked the inspector general to look into this says the report shows how fear and partisanship have permeated US diplomacy under the Trump administration. Michelle Kellman NPR NEWS, the State Department This is NPR news, and this is WN My sea in New York. I'm Sean Carlson. New York City's Open restaurants program will be permanent and year round. Maybe the blahs you made the announcement on W. N. Y. C. This morning restaurants will be allowed to continue to use sidewalks and curbside street space to serve customers outdoors. The city will also continue to close about 90 streets in the five boroughs to allow restaurants more space for seeding during the weekends. The mayor says the move should help keep businesses afloat. This is ago. We want this to be something the restaurant industry can depend on. And just we want to see them thrive in the future, And I think this is going to help a lot. If restaurants fully enclosed outdoor spaces. The 25% indoor dining capacity rules will apply. That rule for indoor dining goes into effect in the city on Wednesday. A bill that would set minimum staffing requirements inside New Jersey's nursing homes, is headed to governor Full Murphy's desk. It was approved by the Legislature yesterday. The bill requires one certified nurse aid for every eight nursing home residents. Nurse aides are responsible for feeding and bathing residents. The measure is part of a series of reforms planned for the States Long term care industry, which was devastated by the pandemic. More than 7000 nursing home residents and staff have died of Corbett. That's the highest per capita death rate in long term care facilities in the country. Police have arrested a man in the death of his girlfriend's three month old son in Manhattan, The NYPD. He charged 30 year old David Patrick with assault, reckless assault of a child and acting in a manner injurious to a child. Emergency responders found the baby unconscious in the couple's apartment Monday night. They brought him to Cornell Medical Center, where he died yesterday. Authorities say the victim had no obvious signs of trauma. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death..

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