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The shotgun who receivers luck to the right whereas the staff he's back row with totti throws down a little appealed that taught by karadzic white and that's going to be a firstdown white still on his feet down around the alleged guard line gets an open his teammates shut the inside the ten and that's going to be a first out a goal these quarterbacks grier rudolf they of the accuracy and the volume on the bulk of whole last night on the call to complete a lotta passes against soft zone coverage that's what real under strives to throw the right side that's incomplete but whistles before the snap time out was fall by oklahoma's states so by gutty takes a time out with 145 romantic of the ballgame today's broadcast that ncaa football what westwood what is it did it solely for the private noncommercial use of our audience and it reproduction retransmission or other use this broadcast without the express written get set a by a g and westwood water is strictly hit it well now the fans that are left will do a little bit because might gutty took that saw him out now ears at a first goal at the nine yard line 145 relating have ballgame are we said this was a big game at the big 12 race of course tcu sits atop the week standings right now at three you know what these teams which you would want a guilty deployed today oklahoma state with the wind will go to three one of the conference 6 of water overall west virginia will fall to four three other sees at two two in a conference all the west virginia's losses against ranked opponents west virginia with lost today will fold wanted ten of their last eleven games against top twenty five teams out of it's all about first at a goal from the nine lire back of a shotgun three receivers to the right one to the left rear takes the snap fixed the handoff looks throws for the end zone and it's it depletes luca rod white had his hands on at the jewish could always had gone to the ground aj greed was all the coverage and will be second out a goal oklahoma state use that time out.

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