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Death penalty is one step closer to being abolished in Washington state. Komo's Jeff Pohjola has the latest state Senate has approved a measure that eliminates capital punishment. But it wasn't without opposition. Republican state Senator Steve Oban argued that the state should actually fund more death penalty prosecutions. We could. Allocate resources for those counties that can't possibly afford the expensive death prosecution, but most Democrats supported the idea of eliminating the death penalty Senator monkey Dhingra many people who want a death penalty in the abstract. But the death penalty is applied in the state does not make sense. The measure now goes before the statehouse. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. The state supreme court has overturned the manslaughter conviction of Spokane man because the charges against him were amended near the end of his trial. Details from komo's Erik Heintz in a split decision Thursday. The state supreme court sent the case back to the trial court to vacate conviction. Michael Erkki in two thousand sixteen was sentenced to more than ten years in prison for stabbing another man to death during a street fight in Spokane he was charged with second degree murder, but immediately before the state rested, the trial court allowed prosecutors to amend the charges to include first degree manslaughter. The jury found Kirke guilty of manslaughter, but not the murder charge. An appeals court upheld the convicts. Eric Heintz, KOMO news. It's not clear whether Washington state will file suit over the president's emergency declaration over border, while funding democratic attorney general Bob Ferguson spoke with KOMO after the president's announcement. I mean, I'm not surprised but disappointed and the president in essence is trying to work around congress as usual to handle the budget, and we think that's unconstitutional and potentially will challenge. He says he will file suit if money meant for Washington state is redirected to wall construction. The Trump administration calls the declaration a step in the right direction. A former Washington state lawmaker lanzi in some legal trouble. Komo's Bill O'neil explains. What happened Snoqualmie police say fifty two year old? Jay Rodney is charged with making a false statement. And being complicit in furnishing alcohol to a minor after he was arrested early Sunday. The minor is described as an underage relative Rodney's officers say both Rodney and his relative were visibly intoxicated. They also say he told them he was a retired Marine Corps. Colonel and wanted to call the mayor Rodney who represented king county's fifth legislative district for more than a decade was released on two thousand dollars bail. He tells the Seattle times the incident was over blown. He's doing court March first below Neil. Komo news still wanting some more snow after the week. We had come. Brian Calvert has an offer that may be hard to refuse when the snow fell around here earlier this week. Former resident Diane mcferrin recalled her days of dealing with the snow in Seattle. Pictures of all the snow there. And then, you know, we're getting about same storm just on a different level. It's it's been fun to what these days Diane is an Idaho resident and along with her husband own soldier mountain ski resort about ninety minutes from Boise dream of his since high school when he was on. It just thought it'd be a retirement dream if this happened a little early for his dream. But she's realized it as well,.

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