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I mean, let's not sugarcoat it if I if he doesn't have a big time year he's done. I mean, it doesn't matter what it costs. It doesn't matter. How it goes? But it if he fails to and I don't the only thing I don't know is where that line is UT is a fan. You could tell me more than than I can tell you. I mean what what do you need to see from him next year? Me. I if that's impossible. But to me Levin wins undefeated would be the only way. I would keep him. I mean, not happy with you might win. The wind is is not getting it Auburn, it's not getting at all. And I'm I'm so sick of fan support supporting mediocrity and call I mean, it's all about winning. I don't care. What college? What school you go to? It's all about winning, and you can't win and you can't develop and you can't compete. I don't want saving to retire. I want to beat him every year making quit or leave whatever. So if he's he's not he's not an elite coach, I think our school and some of talent is elite or could be but somebody has a problem with developing that, and we got it's a dumpster fi. So I mean coaches leaving look how many recruits four and five star recruits, Mr. Alabama's and stuff like that. You know? Another issue that I don't heard some people talk about is that there's a lot of concern about the season after next year and. I mean, that's really not relevant or germane right now. But but most of what you're saying. I've heard echoed. I mean, we're not ganging up on Gus malzahn. I mean, you're an Auburn fan. And I hear that time and time again Auburn fans are very unhappy. Right now, not everyone. But but some yes. Well, I appreciate your time. Thank you. And I'll be she'd get bit would get on here, and voice my opinion. I'm glad you called Auburn sees Auburn Auburn scheduled. It'd be debated from now until the beginning of the college football season. We are up against a break. Chip towers from dog nation, he'll come barking in here. What's he got up his sleeve? We'll talk about the dogs coming up now. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. We're glad you're here on this Wednesday afternoon trending toward Wednesday night guide to have you along in a lot of news coming out about Auburn and Georgia and some other news about about Georgia chip towers joining us from dog nation been watching the situation develop at a board meeting this afternoon ship..

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