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They sent the black guy down to get the gun st- stuff stopped and then we find out from the other cops that the of the shots are coming from a klu klux klan rifle-range and they thought that was really funny sending him down there to stop them shoot it. Oh my god that kinda thing so. There was a lot of work to be done there. And this is seventy four right. There's a seventy four but the lushness of that countryside the off the talent of the people that are with with terrific too. Good looking picture beautiful poetic movie. Yeah it is. It's slow very slow. But it's and it was gorgeous. Lee lit by a french lighter lighting man by the name of john t photographer rather who did all his own lightning and he used most of the time. He didn't use big hollywood equipment. He used small little. Pr's the like the light you put in your outside lights to limit your yard and stuff. And he created these pictures that were rich and saturated colors. it was just phenomenal. Good picture and you. What was it. Like working with. George burns all george. I loved him. I didn't know what to expect. The man was a perfectionist. He rehearsed scenes for. I don't know forty five minutes. Sometimes an hour until he felt it was ready to shoot it was. It was an honor working with him. He was he was wonderful and then he'd say i think you do better. That's a this with a pause before the he's got it added cigar. You know he was great. I can't obviously but he was terrific. How great. You're getting timing tips from george burns. That's that's just you and me kid. With with brooke shields and notable because gilbert also in that cast a key. Luke and carl ballantine. Yes and ray bolger rape boulter phil silvers at a borough lives and borough lives. Yeah yeah can you tell us anything about any of those people. They were very good. I'm not. I'm not having an high. I didn't have any scenes with them. I really didn't. I watched the shooting of. Maybe one got you burl ives. Later on in a little movie shot up in park city. utah and Gosh he was a fascinating guy He didn't sing for us but he did have he. He did sing for the house on american activities. Committee do that but he he. He was one of those. I'm terrible because i can't remember anecdotes at all for the mets okay but but he was full of them and then it turned out that we chaired. The fact of Had a love of sailing and so we talked about that quite a bit. You played the the nosy neighbor with notable because that was written and directed by a man who was active in your career. Leonard stern the great leonard. Stern would have been a wonderful guest on this show. He would have won a career leonard. Stern was wrote for for all early television. he wrote. Funny moaners sid caesar. The honeymooners the produce the honeymooners. He did a lot with gleason road for belco. And that's right. Yeah yeah sorta. He sort of was like the hidden. The hidden talent along with mel brooks and other writers of that period while he developed get smart for television after after buck can and and and mela guests came up with the concept but gilbert he also wrote abbott and castillo movies and bowery boys. Movie ripois movie. He did the leonard stern now he he owned a publishing company and actually it roger price who invented the mad lib. Oh i have this wrong. Yeah it was. I mean leonard helped encourage all that but for those. Does anybody remember drools anymore. I remember tools. Yeah so a drool would be something like he. You draw a piece of paper a side and what is that. That that's a worm going upstairs and then you would draw a worm going downstairs. That type of thing strikes me as a brilliant guy who did a little bit of by the way gilbert mair julianne adams from creature. The black lagoon was his first wife. Yes leonard stern interesting man also great. Run buddy run. Kill and spencer. And i'm dickens. He's fence which is why he went on to work with so much. Yeah oh god amaury oh yes. Why is his name jumping out of my head. Marty ingels mardi yang also created a little show called mcmillan and wife. You did I was just finishing up. Mccabe and mrs miller and i got a phone call from my agent wally hiller and he said I wanted stern call. He thinks that'd be very right for this. Nbc movie of the week with rock hudson and Said there's the part is well written. But he thinks you could do something with it. So i read the script and said yeah. I'd love. yeah and that was true to get in san francisco. My old stomping ground so i was More than willing to go for a couple of weeks up there so we did it and it was called once upon a dead man. It was almost a full length movie that we shot a couple of weeks. And i had no idea that. Nbc was planning or considering putting it into the mystery wheel that they had at that time. Sure colombo nbc mystery. Movie movies Yeah those were great so it ended up being six wonderful years. Yes yeah and can you tell us about rock. Hudson rock hudson. You know fabulous career. He had and he was an extraordinary man. It was so sad the way his life ended. Yeah he was a better better man than that and deserve more. Than i mean he did achieve fact that aids again with his friend. Elizabeth taylor help became Something to talk about it and be aware of and all that but he From the very first day treated me as an equal. He was always very well prepared as an actor and the thing. I admired most about roy as we call them like.

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