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Had the five dollars foot. Long ralph's sold giant sub. Then you can have made. It would cost five bucks. I couldn't believe this. It was too good to be true. Because i knew for five bucks i can have lunch and dinner and And that's how we eat. Because i just i didn't have a job and just cold cuts all day long. Well yeah cold cuts for lunch coke for dinner Mood with the breakfast relationship. I skip breakfast goal. Streaky buddy and call go cowboy. Yeah you're right okay. So what happened. So i started relationship. Starting to get really stressful. Because i hold on the left here second. Oh my god. I really emotional. I've not been back here in in Since two thousand twenty one years welcome back and it's in the same city as you cannot go by. You guys broke up too though right so so yes well so so basically i. I couldn't operate you can't operate in la card this before uber. Obviously now you can. But it's very hard to operate was very hard to operate And so what i would do is. I would get up in the morning and i would drive to work. She worked on the disneyland. Which we're going to end with it. Because that's where you and i had some our final editions for scrubs So i would get up. Drive her to work right. And then i'd have the car to go addition or to. You know do a couple of things but with la traffic. I didn't have that much time before. I had to pick up a five. Yes i certainly couldn't be little three because she would scream me so i had to. I had to calculate the day right. Because if i was going to have to and then like shower and like you know do a handful meaning maybe work out i. I then head back to the valley to go to the couple more blocks. I think it's the next block. Also this a big orthodox jewish community over here because they a lot of the orthodox there because they can on the sabbath. When they don't drive they can walk to their synagogues. Yeah you're right uniform almost hancock park. It's a big difference between my first experience here and your first well again. Yeah yeah i but you sound like you had a smidgen. More than i did does sound like doing cpr. You were heartbroken so anyway. The release shift started getting really stressful. Because she was never pleased with me. And i didn't have any money and we would like drive by a billboard for something exciting and she'd be like oh i wanna go see that and i was just thinking like supposed to say here like i can't take you to that. I can't afford and start getting really insecure. Because you know she was. She was sort of increasing her resentment of me. Because i couldn't do things. I said the honest things like. If you wanna do that you can pay for us to do that. I i can't. And i'm so sorry i can't do that for you but i would just roll their eyes and it was really tricky and i started. This is what i started. Never really spoke about this. But i started getting panic attacks shit. Have you end up having attack man. Well you've had one. Yeah the ramp to be on the floor and just debriefing scariest thing like a falling on a roller coaster for me. Imagine your lungs. Tighten up and you can't get air new and then you're then so you're you're human self that you're adrenaline spikes because you think you're dying and then you start this lou. I can't breathe. My lungs aren't working. And then that makes you a long time and then it just circles and circles and you think you're dying and especially the first time it happens you it's never happening before you just can't get air into your lungs and you think you've got to call him. Let's dying what's happening. it's happening so frigging scary and that started happening because of my my anxiety of being in this relationship and i'm not putting on on the woman shoots all responsibility i was i was but you broke broken hollywood man and you came out here because of her Thinking that that that would save the relationship. Yeah and it didn't. Because when i got out of here the pressures were so strong and i remember i was homesick and i was calling Our jong back to jersey. After that. No so i was out here and i would call on the landline. I would call on her landline again. I sell yet and she had a cellar remember and it was sort of like it was a time when wisconsin fancy and and and she would give it to me during the day. But i didn't want to use it 'cause expensive but i would call my family and friends on her landline and i remember. She got her landline long distance. Bill and she was like what is this. And i think it was one hundred bucks or something and i was like. Oh i just bit homesick. Just check notable. She's like well. That's a lot of money you should. You should reimburse me for this. And i was like okay. Yeah you're right. i'm sorry. I so i remember. I was giving her the money or the landline usage. How are you paying for them when you had no mine. I turn tricks like what we talked about this. Charge the ralph's around the perfect sites. Five bucks a handy. So then what happened after the how so. We ended the relationship. Obviously it was just it was it was not healthy for us and And i moved in with michael weston. And i got it. I got a job at the movie together. Michael weston. i did the movie together. And then i. I called an old friend. Who was no. I didn't know you guys working coast together. Right newman acquaintance in college. But it wasn't until broken hearts club where the audition where we got reacquainted and we became friendly again but so what happened. The next place. We're going to go to is where i waited tables. I called an old friend. I'd never waited on a table in my life. But i knew there was hot. There was a very hot restaurant in town called colonial. It was a french vietnamese restaurant. And i happen to know a friend of my old friend of mine was the manager and i called her and i said look. I need your help. I have never win able. I know this is a very fancy restaurant. But i'm a bit destitute. I really need job. Please help me and she did. She brought me on. She said you're going to have to make it. I didn't know anything. I didn't know how to use the computers. Anything and she. This woman really saved me. And i got a job at the restaurant and and that's when things changed that's a good movie right there in itself to though you know what i mean like. That's like swingers kinda where everybody is very familiar to swing. That was what made them movie so amazing. But it's like you move out to hollywood to become something that you dream about and they don't tell you about the crazy stuff that goes on before that all happens they don't tell you about the umbro can living in your girlfriend's house with two dick heads who want to out. You know what i mean. They don't tell you about a landlord or fucking neighbor who Just wants to make your life a living. Hell they don't tell you about no dough and how it's really hard to eat out here when you don't have money and.

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