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Joe piscopo on the radio with frankie five boroughs in albert repealing for you and it's interesting frank you know because you think about new york and when people would come out from outside and we have so many people listening around the world and aim nights seventy the answer dot com and certainly throughout these fine united states of america the greatest country in planet or you know we are we are and i say this with greatest humility such a good people but they go oh my gosh they're getting intimidated by new york but when you're here and i'm out at the barclay center with leo and mr lebowski in the great folks at the islanders there or if i'm in a newark new jersey you know and i'm talking to the folks on the street in newark or i'm out underneath county staten island queens wherever you go it's a it's a you feel like it's a neighborhood like we're all together we're all one we may yell at each other in the car we may not even say hi to each other as walked by other on the streets but but there's a pride here there's a neighborhood feel and it's why i think a lot of a state of the taxes are too high they are trying to drive us out all the politicians they the politicians have no idea about you and i and what we do what we have to do to stay here we stay our families are here our friends are here our neighbors i here so it's it's it's a nice feel so if you lose a firefighter if you lose a cop god forbid you know you've we all feel it we all feel it is because of this great community that is new york and certainly new jersey staten island completely agree with you stanton island you're gonna are you gonna secede from new york city.

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