Romano Lucas Hitler, Merkel, Thirteen Year discussed on Glenn Beck


So the the guy who is Adolf Hitler's last living relative. has been convicted of pedophile ya for kissing a thirteen year old girl he is the only one or the only one claiming to the the the the direct a relative of the Fuehrer. Adolf Hitler's father. and he said I've you know I've struggled my whole life this is according to Romano Lucas Hitler he said I've I've struggled my whole life to find work. well yes because your last name is Hitler he decided not to change his name. and he says he's he's gone from job to job his whole life nobody wants to be is for and nobody your name is Hitler dude. and you're a direct descendant and by the way in his house he has a picture of angle of Merkel and Adolf Hitler on his wall but he's like that's only because he's a relative I don't care if he's a relative or not man he's a mass murderer. so apparently he was that I eat that there was a garage up for sale in Hitler answered the advertisement to see if he wanted to buy this garage turned up he didn't have interest in the garage only this thirteen year old girl that he he and you know of he gave her candy.

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